Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5/19/11 Report - New Salvage Project at Walton Rocks?

Surveying at Walton Rocks This Morning.

Beautiful morning. It seems like everyone left Dodge though. Practically nobody at the beach, but there were some guys that seemed to be working on a serious project. Besides the survey equipment, they had a lot of other equipment, including a off road vehicle and were working with the boat you see in the next picture, which placed a buoy out by the second reef. They also placed a marker in the water just a few feet from the beach.

My guess is that there will be a salvage boat working out there this summer.

I hope they're not going to dump sand on that beach. I heard that Tom Rooney got money from the Army Corps for beach renourishment projects. While I generally like Rooney and what he does, I would think the Corps could spend their money on more serious projects with the flooding on the Mississippi and everything. I know it is good to bring money to our local area, but what about priorities, and how much money can this country spend? Where is the concern for the soaring US debt.? I don't want my tax dollars spent on dumping sand on the beaches,when I know that in a few months that sand will be eroded back into the ocean.

Boat Placing Buoy.

Mother Nature will take care of the beaches. Beaches come and they go. You can't stop that.

Some people get excited about pirates, shipwrecks and treasure. Other people like get excited by Indian artifacts, fossils or panning for gold. Different people like different things. The survey will help me learn what the people that visit this site like most.

I like a lot of different things. Old things, new things, pretty things, strange things, etc., etc. I've been trying to figure out what fascinates or interests me, and I can't figure out what the common thread is. I like finding shells, sea glass, fossils, coins, jewelry and artifacts, Indian, shipwreck, historic, space or other, and I've found all of them at one time or another.

I guess I just like finding things. As a child I liked going out and collecting chicken eggs, picking wild berries. I guess I like the fact that there all kinds of things out there just waiting to be picked up. Some things are useful, some are valuable, and some just interesting somehow.

There is no "interest" quality that resides in any object. What is interesting to a person depends upon the person more than the object. An insect that most people would not find the least bit interesting, might be very interesting to an entomologist. A rock that most people would not find interesting, might be interesting to a geologist. It seems that a person has to provide the "interest" factor.

Most interests, I suppose, come from childhood in one way or another. Certainly little boys hear stories that fire their imagination about pirates, shipwrecks and treasure. I suppose that most specific interests start something like that in childhood, or maybe later.

I'm curious. I like figuring things out. I like discovering something that I didn't know was there, especially if it has some type of value to me.

Then there is the element of surprise. You never know what you are going to find.

The mystery of an item is also a factor. What exactly is it? Where did it come from? Who had and how did they use it? Those questions set you up for more surprises as you research the item.

I especially like first finds. I like finding something that I've never found before.

There is a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction when you go out and find something.

I get bored when something is too easy to find or when I've found a number of them.

Sometimes I target certain items because there is a challenge to it. And sometimes I take the more difficult and challenging path.

The economic value plays into it a bit, but only indirectly. For some people more than for others, and for some only indirectly.

Economic value tells you that other people find an object desirable or valuable. Some people evaluate items more by reference to how others value those items.

One of the most common questions I get when I'm on the beach is, "What is the most valuable thing you've ever found?" I'm sure you've heard that too. I can't answer that question.

I once said that the most valuable thing I ever found was the keys belonging to an elderly couple that were stranded in the middle of nowhere on a deserted beach in the days before cell phones.

I guess that most people that ask that question look at detecting more as a way to make money. I think that most people that have been detecting for a good while, do not look at it that way. I suspect that most people who detect for economic gain give it up before long. For those that do stick with it, there is just something about the activity that is interesting, satisfying and fun.

Treasure Coast Beach Conditions and Forecast.

NOAA just released their 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast. 12 to 18 named storms are expected between June 1 and November 30. I haven't found that on a web site yet, but it was released to the media this morning.

Natural gas and oil are selling off due to the forecast.

Still sand and shells piled everywhere on the Treasure Coast. The tide didn't get up as high as it did in recent days.

I did some of what I call "junking" today. Poked around where I expected to find a lot of junk, taking a chance that something better might just pop up in between.

Typical Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

This has been a really long period of poor hunting conditions on the Treasure Coast.

The wind calm and is coming from the south. The seas will remain calm for at least a few days.

It is a good time to practice working the front beach in the crash zone. Try out the tips I gave a couple of days ago. It will be easy under these conditions.

Happy hunting,