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5/26/18 Report - Whatzit Coin for ID. Bottles and Huge Insulators Found. Alberto. One Reader Who Suffered Rattlesnake Bite.

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Very Mangled Coin.

I found this very mangled coin.  It is one of the most mangled that I've seen.

The photos show more detail than the actual coin, which only shows very very little surface detail if you get the lighting just right.  In fact, looking at the actual coin, I didn't see any surface detail at all until I caught the light just right and could barely make out part of the face.  I thought it might just be a slug or blank for a long time, but after seeing part of the face, I tried to clean it some and then took the photos, and I could see much more with the photos than the unaided eye.

You can see part of the words "LIBERTY" and "GOD WE TRUST"  in the photo above.

Two Photos of the Back of the Same Coin.
The above photo appears to show "10 60" and "KES" along with a boats bow with people standing on it and a bird overhead.  At least that is what I think I'm seeing.  You have to look close.

The camera angle is slightly different and I think you can see how much difference that makes in what you can see.

I could use some help in identifying the coin.  I don't know why I need to, but it has become a bit of a puzzle for me.

It weighs more like a nickle than a quarter.  In the bottom photo, I think I can see either 2005 or 2007.

Notice how a slight change in camera angle can make additional details more clear.

By the way, these photos were created using a Cannon EOS Camera (Digital Rebel XTi) with the lens that came with it (EF-S 18 - 55mm).  No close-up lens or anything special was used.  I was pleased with the photos, and a small amount of digital enhancement.  I could see way more in the photos than I could see with just bey looking at the coin.

I'm hoping someone can tell exactly what coin that is supposed to be. Thanks.

And how do you think it got so mangled?


I was clearing an area covered with brush and vegetation this morning and found a bunch of bottles and some insulators.

Here are a few.

A Couple Bottles Found This Morning.

The clear one is about a foot and a half tall.  I don't have any idea what it might have held.

Insulators and Bottles Found This Morning.
There were a lot of milk bottles.  You can see one of those in the background of this photo.

I haven't looked through those bottles much yet.


I add this rattlesnake story to emphasize what I said yesterday about being careful.  In Florida we have some very deadly snakes.  Here is Brain B.'s dramatic story.


I'll share a true story with you regarding being bitten by a rattlesnake. When I was 15,I broke my ankle playing basketball at school. The cast stayed on for 6 weeks up to my knee.I begged the doctor to take it off on the evening before Thanksgiving. I was his last patient of the day. He xrayed it and said it could come off so I could hunt Thanksgiving long weekend but wasn't due off until the following week.

The next day around 1pm before the big family dinner I was hunting up near Tomoka State park. I stepped on a palmetto fan laying on the ground. As soon as I stepped off of it something sprung up and latched onto my left calf up high near my knee.

I grabbed it and yanked it off,as my buddy ran away from my scream. I climbed a small oak quickly(funny how your brain tells you to run and get off the ground) and rolled up my pant leg. I heard the rattle then. There he was coiling around my shotgun laying on the ground.

My friend threw pine cones at it and I slid the gun to me and shot it many time. 14 rattles and maybe 7 feet in length. Fang marks were 2 1/8 apart. My buddy ran for help as I limped out of the woods with rattles in hand.At the hospital they called my parents and asked permission to treat me. Guess what? I was allergic to the horse serum as they prick you a couple times with lose dose to see how you react.I was screwed. 

They tried to get in touch with Ross Allen in Miami for a pint of his blood. No luck. For 13 days I stayed in Halifax Hospital while the venom ran its course. For the first 2 days they kept me awake, Low dose of morphine for pain. I turned black,green,yellow and blueish on half my body. My whole left side from toes to neck was twice the size of the right side. A perfect dividing line one side chest bigger than right side.

When you are allergic to horse serum there is nothing else they can do without getting someone else to give you a pint of their blood that has been bitten before and allergic to horse serum too. You body has to build up on it's own.

Yes,the doctor whom cut the cast off that evening before stopped my room as it made the papers and throughout the community. We laughed about the the timing of cast coming off early and getting bit on the same leg. For the next 3 months I was on crutches and limping along. To this day I can take a pencil tip and still pinpoint to the exact location of where the fang marks were as they are sensitive.No surgery was needed as they wanted to cut my whole leg open and remove the poison  dead tissue. I thank my dad for not allowing them to do that as my leg is 100% today and everything is normal.When you are bitten you feel light headed,like you are walking on a hot day ready to faint. You feel disoriented as the poison hits your system. Worse part? The force of the strike like punching nails into your calf with a hammer. The rest isn't bad at all. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.


7 AM Saturday Update.
The path of Alberto has been steady.  It looks like it will hit the Florida Panhandle as a storm.  Probably no big deal.

It looks like we'll get some rainy days from it, but no big effect on beach conditions.

Happy hunting,

Friday, May 25, 2018

5/25/18 Report - Subtropical Storm Named Alberto. Snakes Worth Money. The Power of Ideas.

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Clip From
We now have a named subtropical storm.  It is the same system that I've been watching for a few days, and the name is Alberto, still down around the Yucatan but heading north towards the Florida Panhandle

I checked Ventusky this morning.  Here is what it showed for Monday the 28th at 8 AM.  

Remember, these are only predictions from one web site, and the predictions will undoubtedly change over the next few days.  The above suggests that the storm will make landfall around Monday.

I think we all remember Irma from last year and how unpredictable that one was.

You'll also notice from this prediction that the Treasure Coast probably won't be much affected by this storm unless things change dramatically.  At this point, it looks like we'll most likey only get south winds and a four foot surf at most.


There are a lot of things out there in nature that can cause problems for you.  Just this morning I got hit by some kind of nasty stinging weed, was buzzed but not stung by wasps, and yesterday I encountered a diamond back rattlesnake.  That was not an amusing surprise.

If you are in the briars, weeds and brush a lot where such things might live, you might consider getting a good pair of snake boots or snake chaps.

It seems like I see a lot of coral snakes.  They are venomous too.  I"m told that you can get $1200 for coral snakes that will be used to produce anti-venom.  Now don't go running out to catch coral snakes unless you really know what you are doing.

I'm reminded of the time when I saw a large python crawling along the dunes of the beach very near the Flagler pier.  That was a sight, but that didn't bother me nearly as much as being surprised by a rattler's warning.

One time when about to start on a trail in El Dorado Canyon, I spotted a snake coiled on a rock just up ahead.  Not being a snake lover, I stopped in my tracks and didn't approach.  I threw a stone, which sailed well over the snake's head   The snake didn't move.  I threw another stone, and although it was a little closer, the snake still didn't move.  The third stone hit on the big rock very close to the snake, but again, no response.  Now I'm suspicious.  I'm wondering whats up with that snake?

Then a lady comes  down the path towards me and right past the snake like she didn't even notice it.  I asked her what kind of snake it was.  She said, "Its a sculpture."

It was!  It was a stone snake.  On the other side of the big rock by the sculpture was a big sign warning that there might be rattlesnakes on the trail.  But the snake that stopped me before I even got started was a sculpture.  It wasn't really the snake that stopped me, it was my mistaken idea.

I've used that personal true story as an illustration many times.  It is not unusual to be stopped by fears or concerns.  It is not unusual to be stopped by perceptions, even if they are not totally accurate.  If you think of it, your perceptions and ideas control you even more than reality. Ideas determine feelings and behaviors - not events.

Some people are more successful than others.  People who are not very successful tend to blame everything other than themselves.  They sometimes blame their circumstances when they should be looking within.

In treasure hunting, you're lucky when you have a bunch of facts to guide you.  Very often you're dealing mostly with theories, guesses or hunches.

As important as it is to objectively examine the world, it is just as important to examine and test your own beliefs.  Your ideas can hold you back or help you succeed.

Many problems are opportunities in disguise.  They are just waiting to be solved.

Happy hunting,

Thursday, May 24, 2018

5/24/18 Report - Storm Forming. Drought in Southwest. More on San Jose Shipwreck

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Here is the big new for me today. is showing a nicely formed storm with sustained winds of around 60 mph hitting the Florida Panhandle around Sunday (See picture above.).

Notice that if that is correct, the wind on the Treasure Coast will be from the south.  The surf will only be about two to four feet this weekend.


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Rivers and watering holes are drying up, popular mountain recreation spots are closing and water restrictions are in full swing as a persistent drought intensifies its grip on pockets of the American Southwest...

Here is the link for the rest of that story.

I recently commented on how rain can help detectorists make finds. So can drought. When lakes and rivers drop more ground becomes accessible and things can be uncovered.

Site of the San Jose (Link below)

The San José, the largest galleon and the flagship of one group of Spanish ships that started sailing in the 16th century, was big and — thanks to 62 bronze cannons engraved with dolphins — deadly enough to deter or destroy ships, whether pirates or rival nations.

Except when it didn’t. On June 8, 1708, during the War of the Spanish Succession, the San José’s gunpowder ignited during a battle with British ships, sending 600 doomed sailors to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean — along with gold, silver and emeralds from mines in Peru, a total haul valued at some $17 billion in today’s dollars..

And here is the link for the rest of that one.‘holy-grail-of-shipwrecks’-it’s-worth-billions/ar-AAxIFK1?ocid=spartandhp

It seems like all the media outlets are doing a story on this one the past few days.

Happy hunting,

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

5/23/18 Report - Some Cuts On Treasure Coast Beaches This Morning. San Jose Wreck Possibly Worth Up To $17 Billion.

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John Brooks Beach This Wednesday Morning Just Before Low Tide.

I went out to check the beaches this morning.  It got hot.  Would have preferred some clouds or rain.

The first stop was John Brooks (above) where this fellow was detecting in front of the cut.  The cut ran down to and beyond Frederick Douglass Beach.  It was a foot high and little higher in some places.  The sand up next to the cut was mushy.  You can see the seaweed.

Next stop was Blind Creek.

Blind Creek Beach This Morning Before Low Tide.

There were some smallish one-foot cuts in areas that were cut better back a few weeks ago.  Those previous productive cuts had filled in some and moved a little.

I found a fellow detecting there too - totally nude.  I think that is the first totally nude detectorists I ever saw and I tried not to see it.  I think he was out to prove that the human body is not always a beautiful thing.

Blind Creek Beach This Morning.

This view is looking north towards where there was a very nice cut (back to the dunes) a few weeks ago.  Now it is just a dip.

I did a quick check and found modern coins washing up in the wet sand at the edge of the drop-off.  I suspect there were more down in the dip.

Walton Rocks This Morning.
Walton Rocks didn't look real promising.  Around the bend to the north, the slope was steep.  It looked better than this stretch.

Frederick Douglas Beach This Morning.

The cut looks bigger than it is in this photo.  The cut was the biggest that I saw this morning.  It was one to two feet.

The sand at the top of the slope in front of the cut was mushy and firmer down near the water.


SuperRick sent me a link to another article on the San Jose shipwreck.  Thanks Rick.

Here is one from LiveScience.  The title of this one is Archaeologists Find Holy Grail of Shipwrecks Carrying Stach Worth Up To $17 Billion.

And here is the link.


A tropical or sub-tropical depression could form this weekend.  The surf is expected to be up a bit this weekend.

Happy hunting,

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

5/22/18 Report - Singing in the Rain. San Jose Shipwreck. Tropical or Subtropical System Development Possible.

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As I recently mentioned, it is the time of year to start watching for tropical storm development.  Here is what is causing our rain and will possibly cause tropical development.

Special Tropical Weather Outlook
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL
745 AM EDT Tue May 22 2018

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

1. A broad surface low centered just east of Belize is producing a
large area of cloudiness and showers extending from the northwestern
Caribbean Sea across Cuba into the Florida peninsula.  While strong
upper-level winds and dry air aloft are expected to limit
organization during the next couple of days, some gradual
subtropical or tropical development is possible late this week while
the system moves slowly northward into the central or eastern Gulf
of Mexico. Regardless of development, locally heavy rainfall is
possible across western Cuba, the Cayman Islands, and much of
Florida during the next several days.  For more information on the
heavy rain threat, please see products issued by your local weather
office. The next Special Tropical Weather Outlook on this system
will be issued by 800 PM EDT.
* Formation chance through 48 hours...low...near 0 percent.
* Formation chance through 5 days...medium...40 percent.


Source: See FoxNews link below.

And here is a new article on not so new news.

An autonomous vehicle was used in 2015 to locate a Spanish galleon that sunk 300 years ago off the coast of Colombia with $17 billion in treasure, the research team that helped in the discovery said on Monday.
The San Jose, which was considered the “holy grail of shipwrecks,” was located with the help of an underwater autonomous vehicle operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The institution said it was holding the discovery under wraps out of respect for the Colombian government...
Here is the link.


I don't know if the rain prevents you from detecting or not.  Rain can be a pain if you don't have waterproof gear, but for the treasure hunter, rain can be a good thing.

Rain causes erosion.  It can erode the dunes.  You might also find erosion to some inland sites.  Take a look to see what might be uncovered by runoff.  In areas with good history where you might not even be allowed to detect, you might be able to find uncovered artifacts in ditches or gullies.  And, of course, you might be able to detect things in the soaked ground that you might have missed before.

One thing I always liked about rainy days is the quiet beaches.  I like detecting in the rain.

One of my most memorable sights was when I was detecting in a dead calm ocean in a downpour.  That was an surreal sight.  I couldn't see but a few feet out.  It was eerily quiet.

Its not too late to take advantage of the rainy days.

Happy hunting,

PS: If you have a roof leak, try Flex Seal spray.  It is easier to apply than roof tar, but you can't spray it through puddles, so you need to get rid of any puddles first.

Rustoleum and other companies have similar products that might be a bit cheaper. 

You can probably find metal detecting related applications too.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

5/20/18 Report - New Technology to Detect Paper Money. Diamond Ring Find. Engagement Ring Found and Returned. Royal Scotland Dock Yards.

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New Diamond Ring Find.
That ring is heavier than it looks. 


I'm always interested in new ideas and different ways of solving problems.  Here is an article about a different approach to finding large amounts of cash.  

Sniffing Out Billions in US Currency Smuggled Across the Border to Mexico
Criminals are smuggling an estimated $30 billion in U.S. currency into Mexico each year from the United States, but help could be on the way for border guards, researchers reported recently. The answer to the problem: a portable device that identifies specific vapors given off by U.S. paper money...
Here is the link for the rest of the article.

I guess you could call it a cash sniffing machine.

$30 billion dollars could be used a lot of ways in the federal budget.

It reminds me of the time many years ago when I arrived at a Treasure Coast beach and found huge wrapped bails.  The bails must have been four or five foot cubes.  It was very early in the morning and no one was around.  One bail was down by the water, and one was up behind the dunes.  I wondered if it was cash and took a look.  It was pot, heavily wrapped so it wouldn't be damaged by water.

That is back in the day before cell phones.  I wondered if anyone would be returning for it.


Here is a great story about an engagement ring that was found and returned by a metal detecting police officer.

May 16 (UPI) -- A Texas woman is praising a police officer who spent hours on a beach to find and return her lost engagement ring...

Jaradi used a metal detector and the pair searched together for hours before giving up for the night.
Haelen said she received a message from Jaradi about 4:30 a.m. saying he had found the ring...
And here is that link.

I like to post found and returned stories.  If you have any new ones let me know.



After a good soaking is always a good time to check out old hunted inland sites again.

Happy huntng,

Saturday, May 19, 2018

5/19/18 Report - Old Paper Money. 800-year-old Made In China Label Found On Shipwreck. Researching Eddy Bottle. Florida Connection To Royal Wedding

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Old Faded Paper Money From France.
One thing about cache finds is that they can contain things besides coins - such as paper money.  This one is unfortunately in poor condition

Same Bill.

The Florida Connection to the Royal Wedding.

If you watched the Royal wedding, as half of the people in the world did today, you might have heard commentators gush about how the wedding was bringing different world's together, but did you know that many of the family of the new princess live in Florida.  While all of the Royal fanfare proceeds, it seems that the only change to their daily lives is the constant annoyance of paparazzi.  I understand that it has been going on since Meaghan started dating Harry.

Source: DailyMail  (See link below)

In the same article you can see a photo of the uncle, Bishop Dismas, coming out of a Dollar Tree store near Sanford.

You've probably also saw photos of her disabled sister, as well as her father.

Didn't they used to say that charity begins at home?


Source: See link below.

Centuries ago, a ship sank in the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia. The wooden hull disintegrated over time, leaving only a treasure trove of cargo. The ship had been carrying thousands of ceramics and luxury goods for trade, and they remained on the ocean floor until the 1980s when the wreck was discovered by fishermen. In the years since, archaeologists have been studying artifacts retrieved from the shipwreck to piece together where the ship was from and when it departed. The equivalent of a "Made in China" label on a piece of pottery helped archaeologists reevaluate when the ship went down and how it fits in with China's history...

Here is the link for more of that article.

Thanks to Douglas for that link.


Yesterday I posted a picture of a old Eddy and Eddy, chemist bottle find.  I have been trying to find out more about that and did learn about a H. W.  Eddy of St. Louis, who is undoubtedly one of the two referred to on the bottle.  He was mentioned in various trade magazines such as the American Druggist, but I never found any mention of the other Eddy.  Below is one I found.

 I also found that H. W. Eddy produced a Lemon Extract.  The time period seems to be around 1910 - 1939.


Another rainy day on the Treasure Coast.  I don't mind at all.   I have lots of coins to go through, as well as other research.

The tides are going out well today and tomorrow the surf will be up a little.

Happy hunting,