Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/23 Report - Treasure Coast Salvage/Exploration Maps & Rusty Items

Salvage and Exploration Contract Maps for Indian River North and South Brevard County.

This map continues to the north where the previously posted maps end.

The four contiguous semi circular areas is the area below the Sebastian Inlet. The area where the island becomes very narrow would be the area where the salvage camp was located just above the McClarty Museum.

The most southern semicircular salvage contract area would be Corrigans.

The most northern bridge shown on this map would be at Eau Gallie.

You can see that most of the area on this map is covered by a contract.

You'll be able to match this map up with a larger map of your own to more accurately identify the areas.

You'll also be able to match up the contract areas with the GPS coordinates that I've supplied in the past.

On another subject, I received an email asking how to treat rusty iron objects to preserve them. The email wasn't asking about things that had been immersed in salt water, so the process is a little easier.

First, Kovels Komments says, "Never store an iron pan while it's damp. To be sure it's dry, heat it on a stove burner for a minute."

The main idea there is to make sure any remaining moisture has been removed. Having done that, you would want to prevent moisture from returning. Keep the pan dry and moisture free if you can. A light coating of oil would help.

Tannic acid is a commonly recommended treatment for iron. There is a product called Rust Reform that uses tannic acid. I suppose there are others as well.

Here is a link to that.

If any of you have any favorite tips for preserving dug rusty iron items, please send me an email. I can add that information later.

Here is a web site that discusses treating objects that have been immersed in salt water. Some of the procedures described here might be a little too involved for home use, but the information is good.

One additional tip I'll add today is that some of the museums and institutions will treat found items with their equipment for a small fee. That applies to cobs as well as other items. If it is an item you really like, it might be worth making some calls to find out.

Forecast and Conditions.

The seas are down to around five feet now and will continue decreasing through the weekend. The tides are still pretty high, so the water will be hitting fairly high on the beach. The wind is now a little more from the south.

I wouldn't expect much change in the next few days. Check for those little spots like I showed yesterday. The high tides might create a few of them.

If the surf web sites are correct the seas will start increasing again next week.

Happy hunting,