Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9/28 2010 Report - Broward Wreck Areas *Update added 6:00PM

Broward Exploration Contract Map.

As you saw in some of the previous maps, the Treasure Coast definitely has a lot of salvage and exploration contracts. There are wrecks all around the state though.

As you might know, old silver shipwreck coins have been found in numbers around the Hillsboro Inlet down to around the Pompano Beach pier. Beach hunters know of places where shipwreck artifacts are found from North Lauderdale up to and around the Boca Raton Inlet.

On the map above, showing the area of an exploration area, the Boca Raton Inlet is just above the north end of the map. The Hillsboro Inlet is about in the middle of the exploration area. I think you can see enough landmarks to figure out where this is.

One advantage of some of these areas outside the Treasure Coast is that not all of them are hunted as heavily. A lot of the detectorists in tourist areas like those in Broward and Dade can do very well targeting modern items.

On a side note, the Fort Lauderdale inlet was not always where it is now. It was once up close to the Yankee Clipper, if that is still the name of the hotel, below the Bahia Mar, which is also the area of the old fort. Musket balls and other similar artifacts have been found around there in the past. The area above there, across from the Indian statue has long been a favorite detecting spot for many detectorists, although not mine.

One area I would recommend down that way when conditions are right, is the banks of Whiskey Creek. That is as much detail as I'll give on that.

Years ago I hunted a lot down that way, and I'm smiling as some of the real reliable hot spots come to mind.

I always tell you to keep any valuable finds safely stored in a bank lock box. One story in the local news is of a 90 pound jar of pennies that was stolen from a house in Stuart.

Here is the link to that story.


I also got an email from Jim M. who pulled into one of the Treasure Coast accesses and noticed broken window glass. He talked to the the local police man who said they try to observe those areas every half hour. The policeman said that more crime seemed to happen at the accesses when the surf is rough. His thought was that surfers would come down to surf and then try to get some easy money for the return trip. He mentioned that some people leave their car window open. You might not feel like that is a good idea, but often the biggest loss is the damage done to the car when the thief tries to get in. broken windows or locks are common. Don't get the idea that this type of thing always happens. In my experience it is relatively rare on the Treasure Coast, but you might want to exercise a little caution.

Silver has gone over $21 dollars an ounce. I think I started mentioning it in this blog when it was around 17 or $18 dollars and ounce. Of course, gold has done well too, reaching new highs recently (if you don't adjust for inflation), and is over $1300 an ounce now.

Kovels Komments says vintage jewelry is a very good investment. They say, "Estate" (pre-owned) and vintage jewelry is selling at better-than-ever prices. Dealers say buyers find it a good "hard asset" investment since gold has become so expensive and stocks and bonds so uncertain. Buyers also are afraid that new tax laws may regulate trading gold coins and bullion. (In 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt called in gold coins, bullion, and even gold certificates for a set price. The law did not have the result expected. Citizens with large amounts of gold transferred it to other countries.) The best investment jewelry has large precious stones, exhibits fine workmanship and is marked by a well-known firm like Cartier. Take a good look at any inherited jewelry. It could be more valuable than you think.

And here is a link to an article about archaeologists using ground penetrating radar (GPR).


And here is an article about "upwelling." It talks about how ocean water is moved by surface winds. I take things like this into consideration when trying to figure out what is going on with the beaches.

Here is the link if you are interested.


Forecast and Conditions.

As you know, beach conditions have been poor along the Treasure Coast. There is a good chance for a change now though. There is an area down to the south of Florida that is likely to develop and then head north off of the East Coast.

They are predicting eight foot seas around next Tuesday. We might get what we need when that storm passes by us.

Until then, there will be some rainy weather, but not anything likely to change beach hunting conditions.

Tuesday Afternoon Update: The surf sites are now expecting up to 6.5 foot seas later Wednesday and also higher seas than originally predicted for a few days later.

As a result we might actually see some improvement for Thursday, depending upon the track of Tropical Storm 16 and the direction of the winds that we get on the Treasure Coast.

Happy hunting,