Sunday, September 26, 2010

9/26 Report - Jupiter Wreck Salvage Area & 1715 Fleet Artifacts

1715 Fleet Grenade for Sale on eBay.

This grenade is said to have been found on the Anchor Wreck Site in the 1990s and is now for sale on eBay. An unusual item in good shape.

There is another group of munitions from the same site also on sale on eBay. You might want to read the item descriptions.

A man bought a huge 840-pound emerald that was found in Brazil for the bargain price of $60,000. After he paid for the emerald, but before he received it, the emerald was reported stolen. It seems the seller had second thoughts about selling the emerald, which is now appraised at $372 million dollars. A judge will determine ownership.

Here is the link.

I found a nice web site that includes an account of a project investigating The Kinlochbervie Shipwreck thought to have possibly been from a ship that as part of the Spanish Armada in the 16th Century.

The results are not conclusive, but it is an interesting article (written by Isobel Patience) and includes some great photos of the project and artifacts.

Use this link and scroll down to the second article.

I meant to start on another topic dealing with a local beach find, but my research is proceeding more slowly than expected. I still hope to be able to present that topic soon.

Jupiter Wreck Salvage Area Map.

Unlike on the beaches of Indian River County, which has a continuous series of salvage and exploration contracts covering most of the area, there is only one contracted salvage area near the Jupiter Inlet.

Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is now from the southeast and the seas are down to around 2.5 feet. The high tides are still pretty high.

Seas will remain under five feet for the next several days.

Lisa is a tropical depression, but doesn't look like she'll come this way.

It looks like you'll have to really work for any old finds.

Happy hunting,