Sunday, January 9, 2011

1/9/2011 Report - Spike Found and Miscellaneous Odyssey Marine & Pirate Stuff

Treasure Coast Metal Detector Find.

It looks to me like this is probably a shipwreck spike. Notice the barb on the end. I've seen shipwreck spikes with a similar shape, but slightly different.

I've shown at least one other barbed spike in this blog from a wreck south of the Treasure Coast.

This spike was found by Al C., who submitted the photo. Thanks Al.

You've probably heard of Wikileaks. And no it doesn't refer to Wicans at the urinal.
(Must be near a full-moon out there.)

You might think that Wikileaks has nothing to do with treasure hunting. Well, that's what a reasonable person would think, but it appears that the US government is siding with Spain and against Odyssey Marine. That was revealed by a document on Wikileaks.

I haven't investigated the matter thoroughly, but it sounds to me like a friend of somebody's friend in the present US administration is wanting to keep some valuable paintings, and having no skin in the game, as they say, the administration is willing to trade Odyssey's finds so their buddies can keep the paintings.

Maybe I'm all wrong on that, but that is my guess from the little that I've seen.

Here is the link if you want to look into it.

Talking about Odyssey Marine, their stock price is now $3.20 per share. That is not bad. Really fooled me. If I had it, at that price I would probably be watching for a signal to sell. It has done very well over the past few months.

Don Pedro Gibert (or Gilbert) was a pirate that operated along the Treasure Coast and is said to provide the name for Gilbert's Bar where the House of Refuge is located. I've mentioned him before and provided a link to an old book telling about his trial.

Here is some general information about him if you haven't heard of him before.

Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is out of the north/northwest. Seas will be about two feet today, increasing to about four feet tomorrow.

That is not enough to do much to most of the beaches, but if it hits just right could create some small cuts or refresh some of the places that have been eroded in the recent past.

Nothing much new here.

Happy hunting,