Friday, January 14, 2011

11/14/11 Report - Feathers, Undigable Targets & Rusted Encrusted Objects

Spike(?)In Wood.

Today I decided to show three rusty old objects. They just seemed interesting to me and provide a real contrast with the half reale I've been talking about.

The first item is what looks to me like the remains of an iron spike with some of the wood still attached.

The second appears to be a iron rod bent, maybe intentionally, in a U-shape. The rod is thick - about an inch in diameter. That is a heavy duty piece of metal, maybe used like a U-bolt. From top to bottom the U is about five inches tall. You can see part of a shell stuck in between the U.

Bent Iron Rod.

And finally,what looks to me like an iron door hinge. The flat rectangular part is 3 inches by 1.5 inches. You can see attached at one side a small cylinder (at the left side of the top edge of the rectangle. If there is another corresponding part to the right of that, as I would expect, it is hidden by the big chunk of encrustation that you see along the top edge.

Iron Hinge(?)

As always, I would like to hear your thoughts on any of these encrusted objects. I enjoy trying to identify mystery objects.

I found some lead roves many years ago along with musket balls and other items that I knew something about, but I didn't figure out what the roves were until just recently.

This morning (Saturday) there were bird feathers all along the beach. They were large feathers, like maybe sea gull and pelican. I did a quick search on the web and noticed that the same thing had been reported at other places along the East Coast of Florida. I wonder what is happening. I wonder if it could be related to those stories about birds falling out of the sky?

I went out this morning primarily to see if I could dig up that target I was unable to recover yesterday. I took some better digging equipment and hoped that the sand level would be down a little.

The sand wasn't down any but I gave it a shot anyhow, but still couldn't get the target. It was about a foot lower than I could get to. I'll check the area from time to time and maybe eventually be able to get it when the conditions are right.

I had no trouble finding the item again. I marked it as 45 paces from a stump and was able to walk right to it.

I do have a portable GPS but didn't have it along when I found the item to mark it's position.

There are other ways to relocate specific locations. If there are trees or buildings, fenceposts or telephone poles, you can usually sight along two pairs of landmarks. I say two pairs because you need one pair to sight a line, and two intersecting lines to mark a spot.

If you try to identify a specific spot using only one landmark, you will not be nearly as accurate. I've tried that a number of times and it just didn't work very well. Therefore I learned to use at least two landmarks and preferably four.

If there aren't any existing landmarks that will do the job, set up stones or stakes. I believe stones tend to stay in place better than stakes. People like to move stakes, it seems.

Precious metals prices have been retreating lately.

Forecast and Conditions.

Yesterday John Brooks was pretty cut. Today already it had filled in some. It was mushy and there were very few signals. I think most of the beaches are building,and in front of many of the beaches there is a new bar separated from the beach by a small dip.

We have an east wind and calm seas. I don't expect any improvement in beach conditions for a few days. I would rate the treasure beach conditions as poor for finding shipwreck cobs.

Still you might be able to find a spot or two that will give you some chance.

Happy hunting,