Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 Report - Mystery Item and Shipwreck Sites

Non-metallic Find From the Treasure Coast.

This is one of those items that I am pretty sure is from an old shipwreck. It was found near the water's edge at Corrigan's, but I have not been able to gather any information on the identity of the object.

It is about two inches across, appears to have had four sets of double lobes around the outside with rays pointing outward. I think if you look closely you can see a bit of that.

The most central feature is an eagle or bird. You can see one wing open to the right of center, it's breast to the left of that, near center.

I don't know what it is made of but it is not metallic, and it is not a hard material and is subject to some crumbling upon drying.

Keep your eyes open while metal detecting.

If anyone has any idea about this object I would be glad to hear

TheLa Belle was one of Robert de La Salle's ships that sunk and was found by the Spanish and the lost again for a few hundred years. More recently it was rediscovered in present-day Matagorda Bay where it has been excavated.

I found a number of interesting web sites about the wreck of the La Belle.


This link will take you directly to section on the artifacts of the ship.


And here is more information on the same wreck.


The remains of one shipwreck that shows up on the Oregon coast from time to time recently resurfaced.

Here is the link (Submitted by Will B.)


There are thousands of metal detectors for sale on eBay it would seem. Some expensive, some nothing more than toys, some new and some used.

Different detectors have different strengths and weaknesses. As a result one might be the best choice when looking for one type of item and another better for finding something else.

People often ask what type of detector they should buy, or what is the best detector. There is no single answer to that. You have to consider a wide variety of factors, including what you intend to target, where you are going to hunt, your budget and even your personality. Those are all things that should be considered.

While I won't give any recommendations on what detector you should buy, one thing I will say is that you should not start out with the most expensive, most fancy or most powerful detector. Get something that has a lot of flexibility and learn with that machine and then upgrade in the future if that is something you want to do. The first detector can then become your backup.

I do think that a backup detector is a good idea, and you might even find yourself pulling out the backup when the target and prevailing conditions happen to suit that detector.

Think of detectors as being something like golf clubs. Each one has it's purpose and might be the best choice for a particular set of circumstances.

Don't be afraid to use the less expensive model. It might just be the right one on any given day.

I still occasionally pull out a detector that is over thirty years old and has a four-digit serial number. It works fine, and has it's place in the arsenal.

Forecast and Conditions.
The wind is out of the northwest again. We'll be getting a cold front today. The seas are calm but will be increasing a little. The high tide will not be very high.

Conditions haven't changed significantly for a few days, and I'm not expecting much of any change real soon.

Happy hunting,