Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/13/11 Report. - Sand, VolleyBall Courts and Diamonds

A Typical Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

I saw a tv program where they talked to a fisherman that found an old pot underwater. He brought it to the Antiques Roadshow. He had only one question. What was the pot worth. He made it clear he didn't care about anything else.

Well, it turned out the pot was medieval and turned out to be worth a good bit, but after the fellow learned more about the pot, his attitude completely changed. He said he wouldn't sell it for anything.

That is what happens. When a person learns more about the items they find, they often develop a completely different attitude towards the objects. It becomes more personal. They realize that the object is a link to the past and people and times of the past.

This particular fellow went out and found more pots and accumulated a very nice collection. As he discovered additional pots and relics, he developed a totally new relationship with those items. Not only did he discover these items, returning them to humanity, but he also cleaned, restored, protected and shared these items. That is what happened, and all mankind benefits when that happens.

People told me that the squid that I posted a few days ago was not a squid at all but rather a cuttle fish. Cool.

I'm trying to learn to blow that bugle Horse Conch. I can't do it consistently yet but get it right every once in a while.

Some people thought the encrusted object was a bullet. I thought so at first too, but I have my doubts about that now for a variety of reasons.

In talking about the dry sand area lately, I mentioned how the areas bordering the most heavily used areas on the beach often have more gold than where everybody sits or settles. I also mentioned volley ball courts as being good spots. Here is a volley ball court find.

Gold Thirty Three with Twenty Two Diamonds.

Unfortunately the photo didn't come out too good. There was too much sun and reflection from the stones and then I over sharpened the photo.

It is the kind of thing you might find on volley ball courts. Charms from chains are relatively common. Often chains break or open and the charm is lost. While the chain is sometimes also lost, it sometimes sticks up enough to be seen, while the charm is harder to find.

There are a number of things I've recommended for hunting volley ball courts. If the court is sprinkled, hunt it just after the sprinkling. You can often then eye-ball small chains etc.

If you know a small thin chain has been lost and that your detector is not good at detecting chains with small links, a rake or sifter often does the job.

In fact a good sifter can work well where detecting is not permitted. One fellow, named Merkitch (last name if I spelled it correctly) wrote a small book that tells how to construct and use a sifter with wheels on the beach.

There are many good strategies and techniques for specialized situations.

I'll get into some others some other day.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

Trucks Dumping Sand on the Beach Just South of the Fort Pierce inlet.

The front beaches continue to build all over the Treasure Coast with small shells and sand. The high tide got higher on the beach last night than I expected.

Conditions are very poor for finding cobs on the beach. The water is pretty nice for water hunting though, if you are somewhere where you can do that.

There were a good many artifacts on the front beach for a while, but it seems they are disappearing.

I've seen some places where the cliff in the dunes at the back of the beach is falling. Sometimes items fall out of the dunes when that happens. On some of the narrower beaches, it might not take those items long to get washed down to the front beach or into the ocean if there are some good waves and erosion. Of course, we've had neither of those for quite a while.

Seems like we should have a storm or two that rips the beach this summer. Until that time, you might be better off in the water or at some of the good tourist beaches in other parts of Florida.

Happy hunting,