Friday, April 22, 2011

4/22/11 Report - Aquarina Beach & Fort Pierce Sand

Your Tax Dollars at Work.

That is not a very big pile of sand yet considering all the fuss and muss.

The sand that is being trucked in and dumped on Fort Pierce Beach is coming from out west of town. It is a very fine silty sand with very few shells or much of anything in it. I could see where a little of it had already been washed south. It is a white sand that contrasts with the sand that is already there. I would not expect it to last very long. Somebody is making some money off of it anyhow.

There is a treasure detecting site that I haven't mentioned much that is just to the north of what I consider to be the Treasure Coast. The beach produces coins presumed to be from the 1715 Fleet. I'm talking about Aquarina Beach. The place to detect is directly in front of the Aquarina Complex and also a little to the north. The Aquarina Complex is just under 11 miles south of Route 192. No shipwreck has yet been found in the area that could be a source of the cobs.

About 2000 people are expected to gather on Jensen Beach 6:30 AM Easter Sunday for Sunrise Services. I'm sure they will have services at some of the other beaches.

One of the Fisher boats, The Dare, was hit by lightening last Friday. No one was hurt, but some of the electronics were damaged. They are now repaired.

Be careful on the beach or in the water during the summer when thunder showers are around.

Here is an older story, but amazing just the same. A housewife who had never found anything worth anything all of a sudden hit the jackpot.

Here is the link.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

The low pressure system that I showed yesterday is heading north. It looks like it won't develop into much of anything but might send us slightly higher seas for a day or two.

The seas will be increasing a little this weekend and then up to about five feet on Monday and Tuesday.

A Treasure Coast Beach Near Low Tide This Morning

This beach, and others that I saw this morning, were accumulating sand. Also, as often happens in the summer when you have a lot of southeast or south winds, a dip and bar develops in front of the beach. Here the bar seemed to be about thirty yards from the beach. The dip was still very shallow.

I found the object that I tried to remove a couple of months ago. It was still buried but had moved about forty yards north since I tried to dig it up in the past. I'm pretty sure, but of course not certain, that it is the same object. It is the same size and shape, and in a location where it very well could have been moved.

I might still be able to get it someday when I take better digging tools and am there when the tide is good and low.

Happy hunting,