Sunday, April 17, 2011

4/18/11 Report - Fort Capron Gold Coin, Ambersands, Treasure Shores & More

Gold Coin Found Just North of Fort Pierce.

This gold coin is one of the coins from the lost Fort Capron payroll that was found up by the old Fort Pierce inlet. It is one of the coins now listed in the ninth Sedwick Coins auction. You can see more of the details in the auction catalog. Most of the Fort Capron gold coins that are listed in the auction have starting prices of around $2000.

If you sold most of your gold or silver and with the rising prices and wish you had held on to it, there is still a way to participate in the rising metals prices without buying coins or jewelry. ETFs are Exchange Traded Funds and trade like mutual funds. There are ETFs for gold, silver and many other metals and commoditities.

Talking about investing, I mentioned that the Odyssey Marine common stock has been doing very well. If you don't know, Odyssey Marine is a Florida based treasure hunting company that has found some big name treasures. You might also know that they are in litigation to keep one big treasure find that is claimed by Spain. And our federal government has sided with Spain! I believe that the Odyssey Marine stock is doing so well now despite their troubles in the treasure business because they are now using their equipment to provide services to mining and drilling companies and have obtainted some very nice contracts.

Odessey Marine Common Stock Prices for Past Year.

As you can see they were once down to around $1.00 per share but are now up near $3.50. Their stock symbol is OMEX.

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell this stock, but you might want to take note.

One beach access that occasionally produces some cobs when conditions are right is the Ambersand Beach Access, which is almost 3.5 mi north of CR 510 and a few hundred yatds south of the McClarty Museum. I don't think I've mentioned it much in this blog, but I have posted a few photos of the beach there to show the conditions. The Ambersand Beach Access has just a few parking spots and isn't really well marked. 1715 coins and artifacts can sometimes be found there, and of course also basicly all of the way up to the museum and beyond.

Treasure Shores Park, which is south of the Ambersand Beach Access has at least two wrecks that are located near the park - the Cannon wreck(N27° 48.202) and the Anchor wreck (N27° 48.199).

I've never found Treasure Shores Park to be one of the more productive, but maybe that is just me, or maybe it is because of the amount of sand that usually covers the reefs. I don't know, but treasure coins have been found there.

From time to time I'll give you some of the secondary spots like this as well as additional or less known details on some of the major treasure beaches.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

I went out a little this morning and decided to hunt a hotel/condo beach because what I've seen of the treasure beaches hasn't been very encouraging.

Most Treasure Coast beaches are continuing to accumulate sand for the most part. The beaches that I saw had a lot of soft sand on the front beach with a sea weed line behind that. None of that is encouraging.

Anyhow, like I said, I decided to go for the modern stuff and managed to find something that starts with an R and ends with an X, so it paid off. Sometimes you have to adjust. I always say take what the beach is giving.

The ocean was pretty calm this morning. The tides are pretty good now too. The prediction is that the seas will get higher as we get closer to next week, but even then won't be too big - about five feet by the weekend.

That is about it for now.

Happy hunting,