Thursday, April 21, 2011

4/21/11 Report - Things Heating Up In the Tropics

NOAA Imagery of New Tropical System Developing.

Well, well, well! Here is the big news for today. I've been mentioning my feeling that something would happen to knock some of the sand off of the beaches before long, but I really didn't expect this. Jim M. alerted me to a NOAA report about a system developing in the Atlantic already. It has been warm lately.

We sure could use something to stir up the beaches. It has been a long time since Treasure Coast beach hunting conditions have been much good. In fact, the last year has been pretty much of a bummer when it comes to hunting shipwreck coins on the beaches. And on top of all of that, it seems they are committed to trucking all of the sand in Florida and dumping on the beaches. Somebody is making some money.

This system has a low probability of developing very much, but it does show that things are beginning to heat up out there. Now they are predicting that it might bring us some wind and rain about Tuesday. You never know.

It doesn't take a hurricane, as I've mentioned before. All we need is a storm that sits off the coast churning up some nice waves for a while. I'd really rather not see any more hurricanes. I do love those nice nor'easters though.

I've mentioned the treasure of the Black Swan before. It is the treasure found by Odyssey Marine that Spain claimed. Here is a good article on that.

Gold hit over $1500 per ounce yesterday. And it looks like it might keep on going. At least some people think so. The following article gives some reasons why you might consider eithering keeping your gold or buying more.

Silver and other commodities are doing nicely too. What do you expect when the dollar keeps losing value. The way they are going, it will take a ten dollars to buy a cheap loaf of bread.

Did you know that they don't include food prices in the measures of inflation that they often give? One way they can report no inflation is by taking the items that are increasing in price out of the index. Tricky son-of-a-guns.

While geocaching a man discovered a rare Indian jar in Arizona's Prescott National Forest. The Daily Courier says, When Dave was a kid exploring the hills north of Prescott with his friends, he was bummed out when they would find arrowheads and he never did.It took him until he was 43 years old to find an Indian artifact, but he's made up for it by finding an amazingly rare ceramic jar ...

Neat story. Here is the link.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is coming from the northeast, but there isn't much of it. Seas are around 2.5 feet. Nothing to get excited about yet, and the surf web sites aren't showing anything more than about four feet for the next few days and into Tuesday. I guess they aren't expecting the tropical system to really do much for us. Maybe it won't come this way and maybe it will fall apart. I guess it is just too soon to tell.

Anyhow the fact that we have this beginning of a system does suggest that the season is starting earlier than normal. and something significant might develop before long. I haven't totally given up on this one, but the probabilities are low, I guess. It is time to start watching the NOAA maps for tropical activity.

Happy hunting,