Saturday, August 17, 2013

8/17/13 Report - Erin, Gold Increasing in Price, Robots, Old Gold & Piggy Bank Full of Silver Coins

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National Hurricane Center Map
Erin is moving West/Northwest at 18 knots.

That is the important thing for me today.

It appears to be weakening.

The weather system down by the Yucatan looks like it will not come our way.

Gold prices hit two month highs Friday at around $1371 per ounce.

Demand for gold is strong in India and China.

Here is the link about gold prices and demand.

When hunting modern gold jewelry, I'd rather find a piece of old gold than an item that was recently dropped.  Why?  Because if it has been lost for a number of years that might mean that the conditions are changing to expose older accumulations.  Sand is being moved and old items are being uncovered.   Even if a new item is dropped where old items are being uncovered, it will probably be easily found instead of quickly sinking or disappearing, like it might if conditions were not as good at that spot.

Although gold does not corrode much (remember it does corrode some because it isn't pure), it does corrode some.  Often old gold will show some sign of being lost for a long time, even if it is only a surface patina.  Sometimes you can tell by the wear and tear on the item.  Sometimes you might get an idea of its age by the design or type of the item.  Take a look at how gems are cut or set.   In any case, inspect modern jewelry finds to try to tell if it might have been out there a long time or if it was just recently dropped.  That can be good information that you can use.

A convention for unmanned vehicles was held this week.  They are for land, sea and air.  There is quite a variety of remotely controlled submersibles with video cameras available.  You probably know how those are used to explore shipwrecks.  There are some small inexpensive versions.

I've often wished I had a small drone to fly down the beach so I could see the beach conditions.  It actually wouldn't be too hard or real expensive.  One problem is the sea breezes that might be a problem for very small and light drones.

You may have seen the remotely controlled vehicles used by the bomb guys in Afghanistan.  I don't think it would be too hard to make a metal detecting robot.   I've thought about how I would design one.

Here is a link to an article about the unmanned vehicles convention.

Here is a nice story.  I post it partly because not too long ago I mentioned about detecting around trees.  That was after one of this blog's readers found a nice cache including silver dollars under a tree. 

This video and article is about a young detectorist that dug a lead piggy bank under a tree.  He found the bank was full of silver coins.

Here is the link.

Some day soon I'll do my experiment to illustrate how the shape of an item, in addition to the item's density, affects how it will sink in the sand.

On the Treasure Coast the conditions are still the same.   The surf today is only about one foot.  The low tide will be around 11:30 AM.

The surf will increase to about 2 - 4 feet for Monday and Tuesday.

Happy hunting,