Friday, August 9, 2013

8/9/13 Report - Nice Ring Found and Returned, Boxes of Gold Coins & More

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Found by Michael E. Recently on a Treasure Coast Beach.
Submitted by Michael E.
Story below.
I'm very proud to be a part of the metal detecting community.  Things like the story that I have for you today is the reason. 

It actually happens much more than you probably know.  Lost valuables and sentimental items are found everyday. Often they are returned without any fanfare or recognition.  Often no one knows about the happy event but the person that lost the item and the person that found it.  The exchange takes place right on the beach where the item was lost.

Just being out there on the beach with a metal detector, people approach you and say I just lost something, can you find it for me.  Often it is found (not always right away) and returned.  I've returned everything from gold rings and chains to eye glasses and car keys.  I've been asked to look for dental retainers and false teeth.   I even was once able to find items that allowed an entire business that was brought to a screeching halt to open again.

All of that would end if metal detecting was no longer permitted.  Valuable rings and sentimental items of all types would remain lost.   Tourist would be stuck away from home without their eye-glasses, or stranded somewhere without their car keys.

If the loss isn't yours, you might say ho hum, that's just too bad.  That isn't what one of this blog's readers said when he was able to return a valuable and sentimental ring that was recently lost on a Treasure Coast beach.  I'm talking about the rings shown in the picture at the top of this post.

I also received a photo showing Michael with the smiling family that received their lost ring again.   I'd post it if I had the permission of the family.

Bernie and the St. Lucie Metal Detecting Club helped to bring the family and the ring found by Michael together.

Here is what Bernie said.

A Wedding ring was found last week on a local beach by club member
Michael E. I was contacted by Jose and his wife to help find their
lost wedding ring. After talking to Jose for a while and finding out
where it was lost I remembered that Michael had found a ring a week
earlier at the same beach.

 Jose emailed me a photo of the set and sure enough it was the ring
Michael found. I contacted Michael and told him the story. He was very excited to get in contact with Jose & his wife. Michael got together with the family and returned the ring on 8/9/13. A great ending to a great find.

Thanks to both Michael and Bernie for making this happen.  The media should pick up on this story.

Michael hasn't been detecting for real long time but has recovered 16 rings this July.  Way to go Michael!

Contact Bernie at for information about the club meetings, hunts or events.

Here is a good story about a garage that was being cleaned after the passing  of a recluse and boxes of gold coins were found.  The coins sold for millions of dollars.

Did you notice that the article said that in the collection 20 or so of the gold coins were identified as counterfeit before the auction.  Counterfeits are very prevalent these days.

I already have another great story for you for tomorrow.

On the TreasureCoast today, nothing much has changed.  The wind is still from the east/southeast.  The surf is still running around two feet.  Expect current conditions to continue for at least a few days.

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