Sunday, August 4, 2013

8/4/13 Report - How to Improve Your Luck - Old Silver Coins Found

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Found by Russ P. in One Day
Photo by Russ P.
There are those rare times in life when the unexpected happens.  I'm talking about good things.   Things that you can't expect to happen more than once - maybe not even once.    Like maybe winning the lottery. These are the kinds of things that when they do happen, it renews your energy and enthusiasm.   You go out and try again.  And again.  And again.  

The kind of events that I'm talking about are unusual.  That is what makes it so exciting, but that is what also makes the same thing so unlikely to happen again - at least not right away.

The long odds are a two-edged sword.  Events like this show that it is possible, and they raise your expectations, but they also make it that much more difficult to repeat.   Sometimes it never happens again, but sometimes it does.  But only if you keep at it.

Bank Roll of Halves
Photo by Russ P.

Some would call it luck.  And I suppose there is an element of luck - however you want to define that - but there are some things that you can do to improve your "luck."  

If you persevere and are observant, knowledgable and quick to take action, your luck will probably improve.

Here is one of those types of events that I am talking about. It happened to Russ P., one of the readers of this blog, and his children. 

Here is what Russ P. said.

I think you'll like this story.  I'm still in a bit of shock myself.

My oldest two children enjoy searching penny rolls for wheats.  They were begging me this morning to go to the bank to get them some rolls to search.  When I arrived at the bank, a teller I know said that I might be interested in some penny rolls turned in that morning.  The wrappers were clearly an older style so I took the penny rolls that she had.

Wrapped Quarters
Photo by Russ P.
Just as I was about to leave, I asked if they had turned in any other rolls.  She pulled out $120 in half dollar rolls.  I could see that they were all labeled by date, but one caught my eye.  I'll send a picture in a separate email and you'll see why.

The opposite side, which I did not notice at first, said 1972 which tempered my enthusiasm significantly.  However, I took all the half rolls, too.  

I asked again about any additional rolls, nickels, dimes or quarters.  She had $80 in quarter rolls, again labeled by date.  One again caught my eye, which said undated and 1965 because most coins, except SLQ's (Standing Liberty Quarters), still have a readable date unless completely worn or trashed.

To build suspense, I saved the most promising rolls until last.  All of the other rolled coins held true to the date written on the outside of the wrapper.

This, to me, was a great example of keeping one's eyes open for opportunity, like you often mention.

Enjoy the pics.  Unbelievable!

Both my kids found about 90 wheats in their $10 worth of pennies, so they were thrilled (and now completely spoiled in searching coin rolls!).

Found One Day by Russ P. in Wrapped Rolls
Photo by Russ P.

Did you notice what tipped Russ off to the possibilty of the SLQs?   That shows how he quickly applied experience and knowledge.

Congratulations Russ!   That was a super great find.   Thanks for sharing.

For me Saturday was pretty much of a bust.   I went out to take a look at the beach and by the time I got there it was pouring down rain.   Not a big problem.   Then the thunder started.   Oh well.  Then I looked at the beach.   It didn't get any better.

Rain doesn't bother me, but I'd rather not have the thunder and lightening.

I saw one man catch a fish - or should I say a fish head.   A shark took the rest.

The beaches on the Treasure Coast were awful mushy.   Not many shells left either.

I stopped to take a look at four different spots, and they were all the same -  mushy beach fronts.  I didn't like the looks of them at all.

Sunday the wind will be out of the West on the Treasure Coast, and the surf will be down around 1 foot.

Local events can ship the surf up a bit.  Yesterday while the rain was over us, the surf was a bit rougher than I expected.

It looks like that low pressure trough is now north of us.  Maybe it won't be quite as rainy.

Beach detecting conditions look very poor along the Treasure Coast.

Happy hunting,