Saturday, August 31, 2013

9/1/13 Report - Conglomerate, Artifact, Detecting Rock Star, Massacre, Tools for Immigrants & More

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Find and Photo by William M.

Iron artifacts are still being found on occasion.  Here is one found by William M.

So you have a kid or know somebody who thinks detecting isn't cool!  Here is something interesting.

Surprising to learn that a one-time Rolling Stone is now an avid detectorist.

The Dare is surveying over 6 square miles a day in the search for the Lost Merchant.  Live video streaming will resume on the Fisher site when they start diving there again.

Do you know what was the deadliest clash between the U.S. government and its own citizens since Wounded Knee?  It  resulted in the death of many men, women and children.

I don't think the Indians were citizens at the time of Wounded Knee, but that might not be the implication anyhow.

It is hard to believe the Davidian massacre occurred 20 years ago. 

Here is a fascinating conglomerate from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources as presented in the recent issue of popular archaeology online.   They have a very good article on pirate shipwrecks, and a supplemental article on conservation.

Conglomerate From the Wreck of the Queen Anne's Revenge
North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources as
presented in the most recent issue of Popular Archaeology.

I continue to learn from genealogy research.  I found it interesting that those arriving from Germany in the late 1700s were given tools.

Here is one of the many listed examples.

Andreas Volck , aged 30, husbandman and vinedresser; his wife, Anna Catharina , 27; their children, Maria Barbara , 5; Georg Hieronymus , 4; Anna Gertrauda , 1.--He received 1 cross cut saw, 1 smoothing plane, 1 whipping saw, a set of gouges, besides several pieces more.

That makes a lot more sense than welfare to me.  The return on the small investment in tools would be huge as these people would use the tools to build homes and homesteads or create useful items.

The two weather systems that I've been watching in the Atlantic have changed.  The first, which is nearing the West Indies, now has a 10% chance of becoming a cyclone, while the one coming off of Africa also now has a 10% chance of forming into a cyclone.