Monday, June 19, 2017

6/19/17 Report - Eight-Reales And More Found by Capitana Diver. Treasure Hunting Opportunity. Tropical Storm Headed North.

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Grant G. Shows New Finds.
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah M.
Grant is diving for Jonah on the Capitana this year.  Grant is showing off some finds from this weekend.

A Closer Look at Grant's Finds.
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah.
Congratulations Grant!

On the one cob you can see the Florenza cross indicating the Mexico mint.

Below are more of his finds.

Cobs, Pottery, Sheathing and More Musket Balls Found by Grant G.
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah.

Finds included two 8-reales, 60-70 musket balls, pottery, lead sheeting and EO's.

Jonah could still use another hand on the Capitana.  That is a great opportunity to be part of an exciting adventure that you'll never forget.  

He said, If you're into the 1715 fleet you will learn more about these wrecks and how they scattered from reefs into the beaches. Get to dive with a detector and recover Spanish Treasure. If you can commit and are in physical shape, ready to work in the sun and water, we work hard all day everyday the weather is good. Call 772 215 4366.


The tropical disturbance that has been hanging around the Yucatan has moved north into the Gulf and is expected to become a tropical storm and hit land between Texas and Florida.

The other tropical weather that I've been watching seem headed towards the north edge of South America. It might turn north at some point too.

The surf was a touch higher today, and will be around 2 - 3 feet tomorrow, then decrease just a bit again.

We are having some small negative tides now.

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