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6/8/17 Report - Various Finds in One Treasure Coast Beach Hole. Diver Finds WW II Trumpet With a Story. Old Woodworking Tools Book.

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Iron, Glass, Copper and Pottery
Fins and photo by Darrel S.
In May Darrel found this variety of object of widely different dates and composition all in the same hole.  Here is what Darrel said.

I found all these objects in the SAME HOLE!

The button, I think is part of the smaller brass or copper object. I think it is a snap off pair of pants that broke. The glass could be from bottom of gin or mallot bottle. The iron objects are from small spikes.

Imagine digging all of that from one hit! I was shocked when I saw the glass, but the shard baffled me until I turned it over and the button was attached to it. At first, I thought a maravedis coin, but after removing, could see a button. Later inspection leads me to think the button is part of the rivet or snap and somehow found it attached to middle period pottery 300 years later!

Same objects.
Photo by Darrel S.


Trumpet Recovered From Sunken WW II Ship.
Souce: See Washington Post link below.

Navy conservator Shanna Daniel carefully cleans a smashed trumpet that was retrieved by a diver from the wreck of the USS Houston, which was sunk in battle by the Japanese in 1942 during World War II. Navy experts believe the owner's DNA might be preserved inside the instrument. (Michael Ruane/The Washington Post)...

The trumpet arrived at the lab 2 1/2 years ago, handed over by an Australian diver who found it in the wreck of the USS Houston, a World War II cruiser, off the coast of Java in Southeast Asia.

The Houston, which had been President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s favorite vessel, was the elegant flagship of the Navy’s Asiatic fleet when it was sunk in a fierce battle with the Japanese three months after the attack on Pearl Harbor...

That is one very nice artifact with a cool story, and it was great that the Australian diver turned it in.


As I said before I don't generally post YouTube videos.  I posted one, and then I received so many that I can't keep up with them, so I'm just saying that I'm not going to be posting links to YouTube videos.  I'm going to keep doing this blog as I've done it in the past.  There are some videos that are worth posting and that I'd like to post, but it opens up a whole new can of worms and would change what I do.  Thanks for all who have submitted YouTube links anyhow.


I get a lot of mystery items.  It always helps to be familiar with a large variety of items, so that you have a better chance of  identifying odd finds.

Here is a neat free ebook that might be of some help.  It is Woodworking Tools 1600-1900 by Peter C. Welsh.

Lots of pictures.


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More rain.  Rain continues to uncover items along the beaches.  We have a sustained weather pattern. Too bad it isn't a pattern of strong northeast winds.

The surf is going to increase a little.  Expect a two to three foot surf Friday and Saturday.

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