Wednesday, June 7, 2017

6/7/17 Report - Salvage Boats at Work. Rain Delivers New Treasure Coast Fossil Finds. Lost and Found Wedding Band.

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Two Salage Boats on the Nieves Site Yesterday.
There were three boats on the Nieves site yesterday.  Two are shown in the above picture.  One was farther north, up by the condos.

After a rain I checked out a place where fossils are found.  Some had been exposed.  It was a small area and mostly small pieces were found.

Below is the first that I found.  It is on a penny.

When I first picked it up I thought it was a tooth, but after looking at it more closely, I'm pretty sure it is a claw.

Small Fossil.

One End of the Same Fossil.
Here is the proximal end of the same item.  You can see how it fit the joint.

I'd appreciate if any of you fossil experts can tell me what it belongs to.  Thanks in advance.

That is one small fossil.  Not easy to see in the sand.  I especially like finding the smallest items, becuase that suggests that I'm not missing much.  If you don't miss the small ones, you're probably not missing much.  I like to keep my eye-balling skills sharp.

A lot of the fossils I found were just broken pieces.  It only took me about ten minutes to pick up about 15 fossils.  Like, I said, the producing area was small.  Most of the fossil dirt was still covered by sand.

Three Fossils Found After A Recent Rain.
The one on the bottom left is a piece of a turtle skute.


On the night of June 2, 2017, Meg Walls of Chambersburg, PA, was playing football with her young son on the beach near 4th street and the boardwalk when her diamond wedding band flew from her finger and disappeared into the sea of sand. After several hours of emotional, desperate and unsuccessful searching by family and friends, the search was stopped and the ring was assumed lost to the sand forever...

Here is the link to read about how a detectorist found and returned Meg's ring.

Thanks to Dean for sending me this link.  I'd like to see more of these kinds of stories showing how  detectorists find and return cherished items.


It really turned rainy, didn't it.  If you've ever been standing out in the ocean in shallow water when the rain started pouring, you might have seen how the rain can diminish the waves.  At least that is how it looked to me on many occasions.

We still have a another day of one-foot surf in the preditions.  And the tides are moderate.

Happy hunting,