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6/24/17 Report - Taking Another Look At An Old Find. History-Changing Archaeological Discovery. Search for Lost Merchant To Resume.

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Old Find
Once in a while I go back and look through old junk finds.  Sometimes I put things aside without paying enough attention to them and I might have missed something interesting.   I'll mention one example of that later in this post.  Anyhow, I decided to look through some old items yesterday, and the item shown above was one of them.

It had some greenish corrosion.  That usually tells you the item is at least partly copper.  I cleaned a little of the corrosion off.

As you can see in the close-up photos above and below, there is some exposed copper.  The item is silver plated.  I probably acid tested the item originally, but I wasn't able to get such good photos back then.

The photo of the other side (below) clearly shows better where the plating wore off.

Other Side Same Medallion

When I put this religious medallion under the Celestron camera to take these photos, I also saw for the first time the word "ITALY."  You can almost see it at the dark spot on the left in the flat space beside the upper arm in this photo.

The ITALY mark is significant.  That tells you the item is not older than 1861 - the year when Italy was founded.

Although in this case, nothing significant showed up, it can be worth going back and looking at old finds.  Sometimes you will find something that you didn't notice before.  Maybe you have newer and better methods or technology or maybe you've learned something that will help you better analyze and appreciate your find.  Keeping good records will help too, although if you are like me, junk find will just be put aside.


...After years of debate over the dating technology used on the mastodon, a group of researchers now believes that they can date it and the human tools to 130,000 years ago—more than 100,000 years earlier than the earliest humans are supposed to have made it to North America....

Interesting article.  Here is the link.

As you probably know, the Treasure Coast produced its own history-changing fossil.  If you aren't aware of that use the following link.

I've found mastodon fossils on a Treasure Coastbeach.  I also found one fossilbone  that appears to have be drilled and cut by man.

I showed that in an old post.  Here is that link.

Like the fellow that found the carved mastodon bone near Vero, I had that bone sitting around a long time before I noticed it was worked by human hands.


Nine coins, a few ballast stones and another piece of silver were recently found on the Margarita site by the crew of the Sea Reaper.

The Dare will soon be replacing her mailboxes with search gear and going north to resume the search for the Lost Merchant.  Lost Merchant is a code name.


There are now no tropical disturbances on the Atlantic map.

We are having a calm surf and some good low tides though.

Happy hunting,