Tuesday, June 11, 2019

6/11/19 Report - Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch Trade Routes. Lost Treasures of the Florida West Coast Book. Valuable Pennies.

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Spanish and Portuguese Trade Routes.

Yesterday I was talking about how to find good spots and how different things tend to be found in different places. The day before I mentioned trade routes as one factor.

Above are the Spanish and Portuguese trade routes, and below are the Dutch trade routes.

On the Treasure Coast the 1715 Fleet dominates much of our treasure talk, and for good reason, however other nations had significant trade routes, and they also have something to do with where treasure can be found.

Dutch Trade Routes.

As you can see, the main Dutch trade routes were significantly different than the Spanish and Portuguese.


I discussed some of Frank Hudson's books not long ago. One that seems more detailed than some of the others is his Lost Treasures of Florida's West Coast book that was published in 1983.

Frank Hudson's Lost Treasures of Florida's West Coast. 

I did a quick count and it seems to mentions over 230 different lost treasures. There are a lot of pirate treasures.  Some have been found, and some are in locations that you won't be able to metal detect.  A lot has changed since 1983, but the book has a lot of information.  You might recall one reader saying that they found some of his tips to be very accurate.

I think most any treasure hunter would enjoy looking through that book.

He also discusses using a two-box detector and constructing an A-frame to extract large deep treasures.


Here is an article that lists 20 pennies that would have a combined value of over $5.5 million.

Most Valuable Pennies.


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