Friday, February 11, 2011

2/13/11 Report - Report Updated ***Conditions Upgrade***

*For Updated Conditions Report See Forecast and Conditions Section Below.*

Pull Tab Bracelet

If you are a teenage girl, you're probably not reading this, but if you are a teenage girl, you would probably already know about this object. It is a pull tab bracelet. And they have become the rage in some limited circles.

I just learned about them myself. It seems that actress Kristen Stewart, and actress in the vampire movie Twilight that was made in 2009 and now showing on one of Comcast's channels wore a bracelet like this, and so are some of the movie's followers.

They actually sell them at craft's places like this.

You can get instructions for making your own at this web site.

If you know someone that has too much time on their hands, you can save your pull tabs and let them make bracelets.

It goes to show once again that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

By the way, you don't often find those older pull tabs that looked something like obese upside down exclamation points. I've found a few strands of them. They were bent to make interlocking strands. You've heard of soldier art, I think that was drunk art.

I did dig one of those old tabs up this week. Can you believe I'm talking about old pull tabs? In a way it seems fitting. Every detectorist that has been at it for any length of time has a relationship of some sort with pull tabs. I guess someday they'll be artifacts.

Did I ever show the Sterling silver pull-tab that I have? I don't remember.

I do like to find ways to make something useful out of the junk I dig. I'm usually not very successful at that though. Some things can be cleaned up and brought back to life as home decor.

Enough of the pull tab talk.

Indian Shell Tools.

Here are a couple Indian artifacts. The top is said by experts to be s haft scraper. Notice the groove on the upper right side of the top object.

The second is said to be a punch.

I can find these things but don't really know much about Indian artifacts.

It's almost Valentines Day, so you need to go out and find someone a nice present.

Engineers working near Candlestick Park drilled deep into the ground for soil samples and pulled up chunks of wood that turned out to be from a flat-bottomed scow schooner that was one of hundreds that moved goods around the bay after the gold rush.

"... as excavators clawed at the bottom of the trench, archaeologist Nick Longo noticed an abrupt change in soil color - red fill dirt giving way to shells and dark beach sand. Then a wooden beam and a hunk of metal emerged."

This is a good opportunity to remind you to pay attention to the various layers that you dig through when digging on the beach. That information can be very helpful. Some layers will be productive and others not.

The past few weeks on the Treasure Coast there have been a few distinct layers near the surface of most treasure coast beaches. Most of the items I've been digging lately are pretty deep and laying at the top of a shell layer down near the water table. On top of that, you'll usually see two or more layers of sand, and sometimes another layer or two of shells. These layers are obviously created as the beaches erode and then build again.

I'm also convinced that there are wrecks buried under some of the Treasure Coast beaches, and if you were able to remove enough sand you could find them. As it is, we'll just have to wait for time and erosion to eventually expose them. that may never happen if they keep on dumping new sand on the beaches.

Here is the link if you are interested in reading more about the San Francisco discovery that I mentioned above.

Read more:

If you take a look at the Daily Jupiter Beach Photos link that is in my Treasure Link list you can see the new sand being dumped by Jupiter Inlet.

Forecast and Conditions.

We've been having some pretty gusty winds lately. The wind is out of the north. I would expect some action somewhere.

Before the wind picked up this was about the best I could find, and it isn't much. Nothing really. Very insignificant with all of that mush in front.


The above beach now looks like the following as of Sunday after the low tide.

The cuts have increased to about two feet.

As a result I am upgrading my conditions rating to a 2 on my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Conditions Rating Scale.

This weekends wind actually did a some good. Hopefully the trend will continue even with the decreasing seas.

Those north winds can do some good even when the seas are relatively calm.

******** End of update************

The seas will be decreasing today and be quite calm for the next couple of days before increasing a little again on Wednesday.

I'm not expecting much improvement, but will be watching for any possible slight improvement.

I've been doing some inland hunting lately. That is fun too.

Happy hunting,