Thursday, February 3, 2011

2/3/11 Report - Flat Seas, Porpoises, Fossil Sand Dollar, and More

Flat Sea and Fishing Boats Off South Hutchinson Island This Morning.

Looks more like August than February.

It seemed like the fishing boats were all heading south of Fort Pierce this morning.

The beach looked like it was August too. The beach was accumulating sand. South and Southeast winds will tend to do that.

I didn't really see any beach spots worth detecting. I only took a look at four spots though. I suspect, but don't know, that you'll find the same type of thing all along the Treasure Coast.

The fishermen weren't the only ones out fishing today.

Not a Shark.

I saw three porpoises. (They say porpi some places.) They were right over the Nieves wreck site.

Like I said, the beach conditions were poor. In one place the new sand was about fifty yards east of the old cut. That is a lot of sand.

As a result, I did some eye-balling. There were some shell piles, but I didn't see any pot shards or much of anything like that.

I did find a fossil sand dollar. Sand dollars are not at all uncommon, but this is the first fossilized one that I've found.

Fossil Sand Dollar.

There were some calcite crystals in the matrix attached to the back of the sand dollar.

Since non-metallic finds were more prevalent today and may continue to be for a while, I thought I'd show this and maybe some other types of things in the near future.

Here is one web site where you can take a look at a variety of things like this for sale.

Of course there are many more sites where fossil sand dollars are for sale, I just thought this one showed a good variety of things that you might want to be familiar with.

And here is the web site of one shipwreck salvage group. The site has a lot of interesting things to look at. It talks about some of the wrecks they have worked, and they also have a photo gallery showing a lot of nice artifacts, as well as artifacts that are for sale.

You might enjoy browsing it.

I've already talked about the current conditions. It looks like there won't be any change in beach conditions real soon. The seas are predicted to remain flat for several days.

The flat water does make it easy to do some shallow water hunting if you are someplace where you can do that. The low tides are also going to be good and low, which helps.

Well, there are a variety of things to hunt, and there is always something to be found.

Happy hunting,