Monday, February 7, 2011

2/7/2011 Report - Mystery Artifact, La Galga Shipwreck, & Artifact Conservation

Bronze Artifact Found with Metal Detector on a Treasure Coast Beach.

This item appears to be bronze. If was not broken, it would have a diameter of about four inches and maybe a very slight funnel shape. It has a good heavy fluted rim that varies from about 1/8 to 3/16 inches across. It is a little less than four inches long or deep. The metal on the end opposite the rim seems thinner.

When I first saw it I thought it might be a scupper. I've seen 1715 Fleet scuppers, but the ones I've seen are lead. I've read of scupper liners, but I don't know what they look like.

If you have any ideas what this might be, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Congratulations to the Packers. I thought the Steelers did a great job this year even though most of the world is probably tired of them. They were supposed to come in third in their own division, but despite all of the suspensions, fines, injuries and everything, they managed to go to the Big One, and even though everyone was picking the Packers, they still made it close at the end.

The difference between winning and losing in athletics and treasure hunting is often a matter of inches. You can miss a TD pass by a matter of inches and you can miss a find of a lifetime by a matter of inches.

Skill is doing things in a way that improves the probability of success. Skill proves itself over the long term even though luck blows one way and then another from time to time. In the long term luck evens out.

I found a good digital book on conservation of artifacts. It is a very complete work that probably tells more than you will ever want to know. It is very technical too.

If you find something that you don't know how to treat, you will be able to find the answers in this book.

Here is the link to that book.

Knowing how to treat finds can be important. Often you can't see the information on coins or artifacts until they are at least partly cleaned. And if you find something, you want it to last. It is no fun to watch nice artifacts deteriorate.

The book above will tell you how to clean, treat and store all kinds of materials.

A North Carolina man thinks the Spanish wreck La Galga is buried in a marsh on Assateague Island. Despite his evidence, he is having trouble obtaining a permit to explore.

The Spanish say they have never abandoned any of their shipwrecks. That is easy to say, and it is also laugable.

Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is from the south and the seas are calm so conditions remain the same. There hasn't been a change for quite a while.

The surf web site is predicting calm seas for the next few days, so there is not much immeidate hope for any significant improvement in conditions.

Happy hunting,