Monday, February 14, 2011

2/14/11 Valentine's Day Report - Copper Object and Conditions Downgrade

Same Beach That I Showed Yesterday When It Was cut.

Friday there was the beginning of a cut on this beach. Sunday it was cut more. The cut was then two feet or more,as I showed yesterday. Today it is filled in again. The remains of the cut are only about six inches now.

That is what happens. Sometimes a cut will only last a couple of hours before the wind changes and the cut disappears. We just haven't had very good conditions hardly at all this winter.

As a result I'm downgrading my conditions rating back to a 1 (poor) again.

The other beaches that I saw this morning were also building again.

Pepper Park This Morning.

It wasn't any good here either.

You need patience these days.

Sometime it will change. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I was thinking this morning what I liked best. My favorite hunting is when I explore totally new places that I have never seen before, or when I hunt places that are not hunted by anyone else. Those are usually out of the way places that are hidden in some way and not known to be good spots for detecting.

Some of those spots are my absolute favorites. And some of them are in places where there are many detectorists but for some reason those spots remain overlooked. There usually is a reason they are overlooked. Some of them are abandoned. Some of them are hard to get to or hard to detect for any of a variety of reasons. And some of them just don't look like they would be any good.

It is surprising that there are places like that left, but there are. Everybody seems to hit the same old spots over and over again. It takes a little investment to find those other places. You'll have to invest some time and experience a lot of failure before you find them, but when you do find one of those places it is worth it. They might not always be the most productive spots, but they can be very productive, and are always fun to hunt.

Copper Object for ID.

As I've mentioned, I've been digging deep targets near the water's edge. This is one that I dug yesterday. I don't have any idea what it is yet and hoped someone would give me a clue.

It is roughly two inches across,thin concave copper, with at least three holes in the cap arranged in a triangle,and two cylindrical hinges at the top.

The rust towards the bottom of the item, seems to obscure a third hole.

On this side it appears that there were possibly some small items attached by rivets. At the top and in between the hinge joints, is a tab that is attached at the bottom, which it appears was movable between the hinges.

Well if you have any ideas what this might be, let me know. It was found in an areas where items of various ages are found.

Forecast and Conditions.

I already mentioned this. After seeing the beaches this morning, I had to drop my beach conditions rating back to a 1.

It looks like the seas will remain calm today and into tomorrow, beginning to increase later tomorrow and reaching five feet on Wednesday. With all the sand, not too much good will happen too quickly, but maybe things will work out to improve conditions a little again on Wednesday.

Here's hoping,