Friday, February 18, 2011

2/18/11 Report - Full Moon High Tides & Fake Cob Resources

Typical Treasure Coast Beach This Morning

The newest TV rage seems to be all of those shows about antiques, pickers, auctions and the like. If you watch those shows, you know how much some people have stored away in all types of odd places. I just ran across a story where removal men found a cache of coins in an old oven. Other things that were found in the estate of the deceased history teacher included ingots, sovereigns, fossils, Neolithic and Bronze Age arrow heads, arms and armour and medieval manuscripts. and a World War II bomb, grenade and a German gas canister that caused the bomb squad to be brought in. It seems he had a bit of everything.

Here is the link to the original story.

Sometimes I mention or show Spanish Colonial coins that are being sold on eBay. I've also mentioned how many fakes there are and how careful you have to be. I don't really recommend buying treasure coins on eBay unless you really know what you are doing. If you do decide to buy coins on eBay you might want to check out some of the following resources that can help you avoid mistakes.

Coin Forgery eBay.
Fake Ancient Coin Reports and Discussion
Forvm Ancient Coins.
Fake Ancient Coin Reports

Here is the link to the article where I found these resources. It provides more detail on all of those resources.

After showing some spikes recently, I received some additional questions about how to treat such things. One of the best resources for information on cleaning and conserving nautical artifacts is the following.

You will find information on how to treat all kinds of materials in this manual.

Unfortunately conservation of such materials is not always simple, but you have to do it right if you don't want your finds to deteriorate over time.

The same thing is a problem in museums where things were stored before so much was known about the need for proper conservation.

Conditions and Forecast.

Beach conditions remain poor for finding shipwreck cobs and treasure coins on the beach. I saw a lot of seaweed on the beaches. That is a bad sign that tells you that light materials, including sand, are building up on the beach.

There weren't any shells or shell piles, although I did find one piece of a stray pot shard.

Even though the water levels got pretty high at the last high tide, it wasn't high enough to hit the back dunes.

Full Moon Last Night - Tide Mover.

(Its hard to get a good full moon photo.)

The one good thing about calm seas that build beaches, is that the water is often calm enough for shallow water detecting.

Remember when the sand is building at one place, it is leaving another. Where you want to be is where the sand just left.

The full moon scrambles my brain too. It makes me creative but messes with my writing.

Happy hunting,