Thursday, June 16, 2011

6/6/11 Report - Construction at Wabasso, Fort Lauderdale Coin Line & More

Here is a fellow in a wet suit using an old detector but one of the very best detectors for Florida beaches and shallow water. It is a Mac Turbo. (I think that is the right name.) they were made by Herb MacDonald (now deceased). To get a detector that good, and there are newer versions of basically the same machine, I'm sure it would cost you well over $3000 these days.

Not too long ago, maybe a month ago, I talked about the scoop technique this guy is using.

A wet suit can be helpful at times. I know it is hot these days, but it's not bad in the water. And the suit protects against Portuguese Man-O-War, sea lice and other pests, as well as the sun.

I just received some reports from South Florida and the Treasure Coast.

First, Fort Lauderdale. Brad said the that information I gave him helped. He went on to say, The shallow water is still sanded in but at least the water is calm. I found a nice cut on the wet sand and using info from your blog found the coin line, a pocket of quarters, a pocket of lead sinkers (all almost exactly the same size), and 3 gold pieces within a 10 foot area.

Sounds like he found a good coin line. Learning how to find coin lines will help anyone. And when you do find one, most of the gold will usually be found near the center of the line and lower on the slope. In certain types of gold lines, though, the gold will be near one end or the other. It depends upon how the line was created.

And from up in the Wabasseo and Seagrape Trail area, Spyder said there is a large construction project going on just south of Disney and east of A1A. Nothing but a lot of junk there. Nothing but junk was also found on the beach south of Seagrape.

I just noticed that on my survey the answers jumped from 2 - 5 years to never. That leaves out the time period before 2006 and thus the time after the 2004 hurricanes, which is when a lot of things were found. I'll collect information on that sometime in the future to fill that gap, but the present survey will still provide some good information even with that omission.

I've been browsing around hoping to find some photos of chisels found on old wrecks. Haven't had much luck at that, but did find a nice site showing photos found at Mt. Vernon. It is worth a look.

Here is the link.

I've been talking about Odyssey Marine stock (OMEX). A day or so ago I told you to watch for a bounce in the stock price. Today was the bounce. In the first fifteen minutes of trading 1.7 million shares changes hands. The average volume is only about .5 million per day. Something happened or somebody decided to jump in big. If you bought at yesterday's prices, you could have made nearly 20% if you sold at the peak today.

I'll be watching to see if they made any new discoveries.

Do you know how much money has been spent to replenish beaches?

According to The government has spent $3 billion to re-sand our nation’s beaches. Advocates claim this prevents erosion and keeps the beaches attractive to tourists. But the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the sand does nothing to prevent erosion—and this sand gets swept out to sea just as easily as existing sand! Regardless . . . taxpayers have shoveled out $3 billion for these projects.

So, NOAA agrees with me. Beach replenishment doesn't work other than dumping dollars into the pockets of people that are politically connected.

One of this blog's readers contacted Tallahassee about this and got no reponse - at least not one that would indicate a live brain cell on the other end.

They'll dump dollars into the drink but the only words the politicians know when it comes to budget cuts is Social Security and MediCare , which is received by people who have been good contributing members of society and have contributed to the fund for decades - exactly the people who should be protected first.

Here is the link to the comments on beach renourishment and other stories on where your money goes.

You might think this sounds political, but it isn't. It's about your money and how it is spent.

If you like having your money spent on beach renourishment, let your representatives know.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions

Conditions haven't changed at all, except the wind is now out of the northwest, but it is insignificant and won't have any effect.

The ocean is still calm and will remain that way for another week if the predictions are correct. Nothing going on in the tropics either.

Just not much to add to that today.

Happy hunting,