Thursday, June 2, 2011

6/2/11 Report - Florida Laws & Identifying Fake Coins

Parts From Rosary? (Photo submitted by Michael H.)

That is what Michael H. thought his finds might be. He also recently found what looks like a musket ball on Fort Lauderdale beach. People don't often associate thinks like musket balls and shipwrecks with much of South Florida, but they have those things as well.

I recently made some comments about detecting South Florida, and mentioned some of the opportunities and problems with detecting down there. Michael H., who lives down there, recommends detecting in the early morning hours when it is not crowded. He also recommends having a partner if you detect at night. That can always be helpful.

Here is a nice article that might give you a few clues about finding some good new spots to detect. It is in Skin Diver Magazine Online.

He had some beginners luck and then used his head. I often hear about first timers going out and having some good luck. It happens sometimes. But then you need to use your head like the author of this article did.

Here is a tremendous forum for researching fake ancient coins and the sellers of fake coins. It is a truly amazing site and well worth a look.

They show a lot of ancient coins other than Spanish Colonial, but the principles are very much the same for detecting fakes.

This is the best library of fakes and detailed photos of fakes with many good pointers on how to identify fake coins that I've ever seen. Great photos showing tell-tale signs.

I was reading the story of a diver in Alabama that was arrested and faced with confiscation of his equipment and collection. Bureaucrats over zealously trying to protect their turf without any consideration of the well-intentioned motives and actions of otherwise law abiding citizens and their families can be vicious. I won't even comment on that case any more than that. It is just sad, but it made me think that this might be a good time to remind you of some of the relevant laws for Florida detectorists and divers.

I personally have never had any trouble with any of this and have found the Florida State personnel to be friendly and helpful. Again, use your head, don't do anything stupid, try to do the right thing, and obey the rules and regulations. It is good to be informed.

When in doubt ask. Don't be afraid to contact the appropriate agency when you have a question. It can actually work to your advantage. They are generally good people.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

Here is A video showing what the beach looked like this morning. The tide had started to come in.

As you can see it is still sandy and the sea weed shows that light materials are still coming in and the beach is building.

You can see where the sand bar is and the white water where the waves are breaking on the bar.

The conditions will remain about the same, with near four-foot seas until this weekend, when it will start to calm down. Next Tuesday should be good and calm, giving another shot at the low tide zone and the water.

Happy hunting,