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8/4/14 Report - Bertha Becomes Hurricane. Various Treasure Coast Beach Finds.

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Treasure Coast Beach Gold Ring Find
Find and photo by Leonard G.

Leonard G. recently found this gold ring.  Congratulatons Leaonard!  

Leonard uses a Fisher 1280 and a GTA 350.

I went out to the beach this morning near low tide and did about an hour an a half of detecting.  The first hole was a silver ring, the fourth hole was a diamond stud earring.
Later I found the other stuff.  The percentage of jewelry to coins has been high there lately and the trash in the wet sand area has been very low where I've been hunting.

Below is a picture of the beach there.

Beach This Morning
The wave in this picture looks bigger than it actually was.  It looks much bigger from that angle for some reason.  It was only about a foot or foot and a half at the most.

The sand was nearly flat from the area where the wave is and in for a good fifty or more yards.  The wet sand had small ripples and scattered patches of black sand.  It was a very fine densely packed sand that made digging tough.


I'm hoping for some of that sand to get moved some day soon.

Bertha is now a hurricane.  You wouldn't know it by looking at the beach.  She is already north of us and out on the other side of the Bahamas, heading north.

Maybe somebody up the coast will get something from that, but we're just going to get a 1 or 2 foot surf for the next several days.

It seems Bertha turned into a hurricane earlier than expected.

Some Finds From This Morning.
Here are some finds from the beach that I hunted this morning.

I was using the Whites PI again this morning. 

The stud earring didn't make a loud signal, as you would probably guess.  It tests as 9K gold.

I don't know what the big ring is made of.  Maybe titanium, cobalt or stainless steel.

It is just marked Triton.  They can sell for around $200 new.   More than silver in many cases.

I took some videos of the beach, but did a very poor job.   Sheeesh.   My fault, not the camera's.

A lot of people looked at the post about the Booty's find of the gold pyx.   If you haven't seen it you might want to go back and look at it.   I gave a couple of additional links there.

I did a post on old bottles the other day and added a great bottle link to my link list.

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