Saturday, August 9, 2014

8/9/14 Report - 14K Gold Topaz Ring, 1938 French Coin. Reading and Research. Foreign Coin Web Site

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My internet service was running real slow this morning, and I didn't try to fight it.  I had given up on posting today, but things finally got working.  I'll only do a quick post today though.

First here is a new beach dug ring.  14K gold with topaz and small diamonds on the side of the band.

And below is a unusual coin find for the Treasure Coast.  It is a 1938 2 French Francs.  It is made of aluminum and bronze and about the size of a half dollar.

I didn't have any idea what it might be worth, but finally found a site where I could get the information.  The coin isn't worth much at all, but the web site was a nice find.

 The coin is in nice shape but still not worth much.

Here is the web site where I got information about the coin.

As long as the old stuff is buried on our beaches it isn't going too come in.   There is just too much sand out there and there isn't enough surf to move any significant amount of sand.

It is more difficult to cover an area thoroughly in the water.  You can't grid it with the same precision that you can grid dry land.

Some people try to grid in the water and can do a fairly good job if the water isn't rough.   Don't be afraid to spend a lot of time going very slow. 

I think I've explained the spiral pattern that I frequently use in the water.

I am reading a book about one of my ancestors who was an Indian scout.   Not only does it give great clues to metal detecting sites, but it gives some real life history of the 18th century that you don't hear much about.  There was a lot of violence going on, so much so that it makes pirate life seem very tame in comparison.  I can understand why that history has been sanitized in the history books.  Burning at the stake, scalping and various tortures were added to the killing.  And I'm not just putting it on the Indians.  There were whites that collected a lot of scalps.  It was a violent time and place.  And the part that makes it very interesting to me is that places are named that I know very well.

I'm recommending dong some reading and research no matter where you hunt. 

In the book I am reading now, they show old cabins, forts, caves, crossings and all sorts of good clues, including some more modern pictures that identify where the old things were back in the 18th century.

I showed some pictures of a woods in that same general area where I did some detecting a month or so ago.

On the Treasure Coast we still have South winds and a one foot surf.  That won't change for at least a few days.

Noting going on in the tropics.

Happy hunting,