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8/6/14 Report - Young Boys Find Very Rare and Old Gold Hair Tress. Fake or Real Escudo? Error Dime. Poor Beach Conditions. It's All About ...

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4000 Year-old Hair Tress Found By Young Boys.

This 4000 year-old hair tress was found by four boys (ages 7 - 10) while participating in an archaeological dig.

Joseph, seven, said: "We were digging carefully in the ground and I saw something shiny, it was gold.  "Me and Luca started dancing with joy. It was very exciting."

Luca, eight, added: "When I first saw it I felt happy but I thought it was plastic.  "When I found out it was gold, I was very happy."

To their astonishment it turned out to be an ancient hair tress which is one of the earliest pieces of metal work dug up in the UK.

Experts say the pre-Bronze Age ornament is one of the most significant recent archaeological finds ever discovered in the UK.
Here is the link for the entire article.

Great story.   It is great that the boys, and the public in general, were able to participate.  

It also goes to show that you never know what might pop up.  

Fake or Not? 

Here is a little practice exercise. 

This is supposed to be an 1715 era escudo.   Do you think it is real?

I'll  show you an easy way to tell below.

Here is a common dug dime - 1985 D.

Do you see anything unusual?

It has a double rim at the bottom right. 

I noticed that, and when I researched it, saw that it appears to be a fairly common error.  People sell it on the internet as an error coin for a few dollars.

Back to the questionable escudo.

Edge of
Questionable Escudo

Here is the picture of the edge of the escudo in question.  Notice the mold seam.   That is a dead give away.   Fake!

That is a quick way you can often identify a poor fake.

I took a look at some beaches from Fort Pierce Inlet to Walton Rocks this morning.    See photo below.

There was nobody on the millions of dollars of what remains of the newly dredged sand at South Inlet Park.  If that was supposed to help bring tourists, it was an obvious waste.  Very few people go there.

The water along the Treasure Coast was very flat this morning.  And there were steep piles of course sand on some of the front beaches, such as Douglass park.

I didn't see any savage vessels anywhere around the Nieves site this morning.

The beaches around that area were very poor.  There is a lot of sand around there.

The surf web sites are predicting a one foot surf for a week or more.   That means easy water hunting, as far as water conditions go, but it might be difficult to find anyplace that isn't mushy sand.   If you can't, you'll probably have to be content with recent drops.

Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

You can't find things like the gold pyx or gold hair tress everyday.  Rare things are rare.  That is why they call them rare.   But no matter what treasure you are trying to find, there is always something you can find along the way. 

When it seems like you can't find anything at all, maybe you are missing the most important thing.   All you have to do is stop and take it in.   The joy of life is all around you, anywhere and everywhere, waiting to be had.  Just drop the preoccupations that keep you focused on less important things, and you'll find that joy hovering around you just waiting to be taken in.

Some say it isn't about the find, it is about the hunt.  I'll go a step farther.  I'll say it isn't all about hunt, it is about the gift of life.  Don't forget to appreciate it, no matter what is going on with it. 

Being thankful magnifies the joy of life.  Give thanks.

Happy hunting,