Sunday, August 10, 2014

8/10/14 Report - 60 Pounds of Silver Coins Discovered! Great Bronze Shipwreck Spikes Found. Wreck of the Olivette Explored. Fine Watch. Big Tides.

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Bronze Spikes Found by UB
Photos submitted by UB
Here are some great finds.   Bronze spikes!   One is still in wood.  That is really neat. 

Also the one with the washer or ring around it is unusual.

Great finds and photos UB!

UB was wondering if anyone had seen one with something like this washer thing on it, and if anyone had any thoughts about their possible age or any other ideas they might be able to offer.

He was also wondering about how to conserve them.

UB has a proven technique for conserving wood, but was wondering how to conserve the combination of wood and bronze.

The Olivette, was an American steamer that was turned into a hospital ship, and was used in the Spanish American War to treat injured Spaniards as well as Americans.  It sank in 1918. 

Here is a nice video showing divers exploring the discovered wreck.

Source: Orlando Sentinel link.

This old house was condemned and demolished.  In the process 60 pounds of silver coins from the early 1900s were discovered in the walls.

Tek sent me the link to this article published in the Aug. 10 Orlando Sentinel.

Thanks Tek!

The link below will give you the entire story and a video on the treasure in the old house.,0,1921056.story

Due to the poor beach conditions, I've been targeting modern jewelry at tebeach..  There has been a good bit of it at a few of the Treasure Coast beaches.

Here is the type of thing you can find, and no target ID meter would get it exactly right.

That is about the most attractive watch that I've seen.  And in great condition!

On the Treasure Coast the surf is very small, but the tides today were unusually big.  

There is a little weather just coming off of Africa that has about a 10% of becoming a cyclone in the next 48 hours.

That one is very far away yet, but could be worth watching.

Happy hunting,