Monday, February 15, 2016

2/15/16 Report - Survey Of Treasure Coast Beaches

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I took a look at some of the Treasure Coast beaches this morning. We had a north wind yesterday that shifted.

There was more erosion than I expected.

Above is John Brooks beach looking north.  There were cuts like the picture running a good distance.  The sand on the front of the beach wasn't very promising though.  If I had a lot of time, I would have checked it out better with a detector.

You can see the same type of thing in the view from the same location looking south (above).

Pepper Park (above) had less erosion.

As you can see above, the beach south from Turtle Trail also showed little erosion.  None of the blue bags were out, even though there was a little sand loss on the front beach.

Looking north from the Turtle Trail access(above) showed a foot to two feet or erosion up towards the bend.

Above is the view looking north from the Seagrape Trail access.  A one to two foot cut ran a good distance, but there was no erosion around the bend up towards the pine trees.

According to the predictions we should have a three to five foot surf for a week or more.

Another front will be coming through and tomorrow we'll have a west wind again.

The fronts have been coming through so often and the winds changing direction every day or two so we've had nothing sustained at all.  A little sand gets moved on way and then back the next.

I was surprised that I saw no other detectorists today.  Although conditions weren't good enough to increase my beach conditions rating, they weren't all that bad.

I found some routines targets below some cuts.  Something could open up, but it will also probably close just as rapidly.

I had some other stuff ready to post today but will keep it for another day.

Happy hunting,