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2/6/16 Report - Strong North Wind Moves A Little Treasure Coast Sand Friday.

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South of Turtle Trail Friday After Low Tide


Pirate Fest will be in Fort Pierce at Veteran's Park this weekend.  Here is the link for more information.


Thursday the wind at the beach was blowing north to south.  Friday it switched around and was blowing strong from north to south.  I thought it might start to do something to the beach so I went out to see.

As you can see from the picture above, there was a small amount of erosion.

Some sand was lost but not a lot.  Around noon it looked like a foot or so of sand had been removed from the beach front.  The blue bags were not visible yet.

If the north wind continues through the evening or overnight, the bags might reappear.

Here is a picture from the Turtle Trail beach access.

View From Turtle Trail Beach Access Around Noon Friday.

The view from Seagrape Trail looked similar.  Just a little sand had been removed.  Here it is.

View  From Seagrape Trail Beach Access Friday Just After Low Tide.

Fort Pierce South Inlet Beach Park Thursday Afternoon

On Thursday, as I said, the wind was blowing the opposite direction.  Above you can see how the south wind was moving a little sand from the front of the beach at Fort Pierce South Inlet Beach.

There are three steps there now, and about a seven foot cliff near the inlet.

Walton Rocks Showed No Cuts Thrusday.

The wind will be more from the northeast on Saturday.  If the wind keeps blowing at a good direction something might develop in the next day or two.


Be sure to read Laura's research that I posted for 2/5/16.  It's great.

I have something else I'm working on that I think will be really good.  I had it started, but lost several paragraphs just a short time ago.

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