Sunday, February 7, 2016

2/7/16 Report - Florida Laws and Proposed Legislation. Citizen Archaeology Permit. Your Attention and Action Is Needed.

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Before I get started on my main topic today, here is look at a couple of the Treasure Coast beaches.

Frederick Douglas and John Brooks Beaches Saturday Morning.

The wind has changed direction.  The swells are from the east.  I didn't seen anything but very small cuts and am not expecting any real good hunting in the next few days.  We'll be having a west wind until Monday afternoon.

I wish that the strong north wind would have continued.

Gosports1 emailed me a link to something you need to know about.  The Florida Legislation is working on a bill that will provide for a citizen archaeology permit.

Here is link to a Forbes article that will give you some background.  The of the article is Florida Archaeologists Condemn Proposed Citizen Archaeology Permit.

I suggest you read that article carefully.  It will give you some good information.

Below is a link to the proposed new wording for House Bill 803 and Senate Bill 1054.

I'll post some of the important proposed changes immediately below.  (Underlined words are proposed additions to the existing legislation and stricken words are to be deleted.  The blue high-lighted section is a mistake.)

I am not going to comment on this yet.  For one thing, I want to study it more and think about the likely intended and unintended consequences.  Secondly, I'd like to get your comments before giving mine.  Send them to

Here is a link that provides the relevant existing laws.

And if you want to contact your Florida representatives, you can get the email addresses at this FMDAC web site.

I'm going to leave it at that for now even though  I could probably write a thousand pages about this.  I plan to post my thoughts some time in the future after you have a chance look into it and become more informed.

The main force behind these proposals seems to be the Tri State Archaeological Society.  You can google that if you wish.


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