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3/2/16 Report - Mixed Signals and Targets. New Chamber in King Tut's Tomb.

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Nail Rusted To Wheat Penny As Dug
Find and photo by Russ P.
I received this photo this morning.  It was dug at an old home site.  A lot of people would have missed this target.   The nail could have masked the penny or given an inaccurate target ID, depending upon what detector you were using and how you were using it.

One thing I wanted to mention concerning the cannon artifact that I've been talking about for a few days, is how easy it would be to miss a nice item like that.  Again, a lot of people would pay no attention to an iron object of that size.  It is easy to pass over very nice items.  I hate to think that I missed something that nice simply because I didn't want to dig it up.  No target ID could possibly accurately identify an object like that.

One person I heard from has been working an old home site in a different and very thorough way and as a result coming up with better finds and a lot of interesting information.  I'll be able to give you more on that when the project is completed and the results are in.  I can't wait.

I haven't talked about the topic for quite a while, but I'll mention once again how important it is to know your detector and how it responds to different environments and targets.  For now I'll just say, do a lot of testing.

There is often a lot more under the ground than you might think.  It is possible to spend a lot of time detecting and still miss a lot.  I hope to have a good thorough study very soon that will illustrate how true that is.

Of course there are high and low-value targets and junk, the key is to make efficient strategic decisions.


New scns of King Tut's tomb reveals a possible new chamber.

Scans performed by Factum Arte, a company commissioned to scan Tutankhamun's tomb, show unusual lines and abnormalities in the plaster of the tomb, Reeves said, adding that these features indicate that a wall was built over a doorway in ancient times.

Here is the link for the entire story.


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