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3/26/16 Report - New Treasure Salvage Season About To Begin. Detectorist Discovers Important Viking Treasure. Archaeology of Easter.

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Pendant That Is Part of the Galloway Viking Treasure.

Another detectorist makes another important find.  How often have you seen that reported?  Hobbyists make many important discoveries.
Conservators have released images of the contents of a pot of Viking treasure more than 1,000 years after it was buried in a field in Galloway.
Items inside include six silver Anglo-Saxon disc brooches, a gold ingot and Byzantium silk.
The pictures give the public a chance to see the items for the first time as they are not currently on display.
It follows a painstaking project to remove and conserve the items which date from the 9th to 10th century AD.

Here is the link for the rest of the article about the items comprising the Galloway Viking treasure.


The seasons come and go.  The older you get the faster that seems to happen.

2015 ended up with some decent beach hunting.  1715 Fleet items were found, and I've shown some of those.

The hope was that 2016 would continue with more beach finds, but the beach conditions weren't as good as I'd hoped.  We had a lot of south winds and small surf.

Now we're entering the next phase.  Winter is about over and summer is on the way.  That usually means poor beach conditions with the exception of the occasional storm or hurricane, but it also means that the salvage season is about to start.

The crews are getting ready and the Capitana, if things go as planned, will start a new salvage season on April 1.  No fooling!

You know what they accomplished last year.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars of gold coins and a bunch of Royals.  That was as good as it gets.  Not only were hundreds of gold coins found, but that number of gold Royals is truly amazing.

As they get ready to start a new season, I wish the salvage crews the best of luck for 2016.  I don't know how anyone could top the 2015 finds, but it might be done.  They learned a lot last season. They have some good techniques and strategies, so anything is possible.


This article is particularly appropriate today.  It is about the archaeological evidence relating to what we now call Easter.

I am personally very skeptical about the archaeological evidence, although the historical evidence, if that is what you want, is compelling, to say the least.  For me it is more of a spiritual matter that does not depend upon either archaeology or historical evidence.  It is about personal daily spiritual experience.

Whatever your position, you might be interested, as I was, in this brief article that considers Easter and the archaeological evidence.


I might actually finally get out to the beach today.  Hope so!

Happy Easter,