Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30/12 Report - Treasure Coast Beach Conditions Upgrade

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Two to Three Foot Cut on One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

I saw the northeast wind coming in yesterday afternoon and here is what happened to a few of the Treasure Coast Beaches.

This beach had a cut that ran from two to three feet for several hundred yards.

Of course the cut was in sand that had accumulated recently. The sand in front was a bit mushy and there were very few targets.

I am upgrading my Treasure Coast Beach Conditions Rating to a 2. My scale is a five point scale, with 1 being poor and 5 excellent.

Of course I didn't see all of the beaches, but I saw enough to know that some beaches cut while others did not.

Same Beach As Above.

You can see from this slab how the beach was cutting. I've explained the process before.

I'd say that the waves are hitting this afternoon just like they did yesterday and therefore I would expect a little additional cutting around high tide today. Not a great deal though.

The wind is still coming from the northeast - actually more like the east/northeast now.

Below is one beach that did not cut.

It did, however, have some dips.

A Treasure Coast Beach That Was Not Cut.

I'll get back to my other topics tomorrow or sometime soon.

According to the predictions, we'll have seas at similar levels through tomorrow and maybe Wednesday. I hope the wind stays from a more northerly direction.

Then after a period of smaller seas, maybe picking up again around next weekend.

Things have been so slow that a person starts to expect nothing much to happen, but it looks like there is at least a possibility of improving conditions in the next week or so.

Happy hunting,