Friday, January 20, 2012

1/22/12 Report - Cobs and Treasure Coins on Display in Vero & Happy Year of the Dragon

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A Few of the Cobs at the Vero Coin Show Yesterday.

Yesterday I stopped by the Vero Coin and Currency Show at the Vero Community Center. There were hundreds of cobs and treasure coins on display and for sale. Most were being displayed by local vendors. There were also a couple of salvage divers and treasure hunters that had tables. There were about a half dozen tables displaying treasure coins, many locally found, and many from the 1715 Fleet. There were also a few spikes and other things from treasure wrecks on display, but not many.

Of course there were many more other types of coins and currencies being displayed. You could see anything from 2012 pennies to ancient Chinese or Greek money.

There was a lot of buying going on. People brought bags or cans of coins and vendors were buying.

Some of the vendors asked if I brought anything to sell. I probably should have, but didn't.

I talked to Frank and Augie from Sedwick Coins. They were displaying some of the coins from the upcoming auction as well as a number of other coins.

There were also a couple of clumps of cobs on display. A lot of nice gold coins too.

There is no admission charge, but you can participate in a raffle. The first prize is a four reale in a gold bezel. The drawing will be 2:30 Sunday.

The show will run from 10 to 3 on Sunday - the last day of the show.

The weather has been beautiful for going to the beach. Hunting conditions have not been so hot - at least not looking for cobs on the beach. It is smooth enough to do some water hunting.

The wind is directly out of the west and the seas nice and calm. The surf web sites are predicting calm seas for a few days.

You'll be able to get well out into the low tide zone, but unfortunately the front beaches will undoubtedly be mushy with course sand and shells and a good bit of junk.

I'm looking at some new technologies. Maybe I'll be able to report on that soon. As far as I'm concerned, the major metal detector manufacturers have produced very few significant advances in the past twenty or thirty years. I know there are some that will argue with that, but I really don't see anything new in that period of time that has done anything but add a few inches or a little better discrimination or target ID.

There are a lot of other directions to go, but manufacturers develop and sell what people want. And they don't want what they haven't thought about yet. Therefore innovations come slowly. One foreign manufacturer is coming up with some real innovations.

It is now Chinese New Year. Ring in the year of the dragon.

Happy hunting,