Saturday, February 1, 2014

2/1/14 - Big Storms Lead to Big Finds in the UK, Treasure Coast Site Produces More Relics and Pirate Fest Continues

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Another Part of the Pirate Camp at Pirate Fest in Fort Pierce This Weekend
We've been having poor beach detecting conditions on the Treasure Coast for the past couple of months now. 

November was good, as I've documented.  There were a good number of Spanish treasure coins found that month.  At least we had one good month.  Of course winter isn't over yet and there is still a good chance of some good nor'easters.  Lately the wind has been from the West a lot of the time as the cold air has been coming in with the various fronts.

The high tides are higher than normal now, around Fort Pierce over plus 3 ft., and the low tides lower than normal, the last being minus one foot.   Those aren't huge tides, but for this area they are higher and lower than average.

I frequently say that there is always some place to hunt and something to be found.  That is true in more ways than one.

People continue to make finds off-beach.  Also finds are being made in other parts of the state, country and world.

You might have noticed that they have been having a lot of rough weather across the big pond.

I got word from one of this blog's friends, Peter H. from Wales.

Another Scene From Pirate Fest.

Here is what Peter had to say.

While its quiet on the Treasure coast its been very stormy in the UK with record rain wind  and storm surges which have stripped millions of tones of sand off the beaches exposing  ancient forests, artifacts and shipwrecks. Here are a couple of links from my part of the coast which I hope you will find interesting.

Thanks for the report Peter.   Here are the links Peter sent showing a real variety of great finds.  

Take a look.

Peter said, Its exciting times on the beaches over here !

We can see that.   Thanks!

Say Hi from the TBR blog to all of our detecting brethren in Wales.

There are some things being found in the Treasure Coast area.  I've been mentioning some of the off-beach finds.

A day or two ago I mentioned that SW found a Seminole War button.  He revisited the same site and found some other nice things.

Here is what he said.

I found another button, smaller than the first. Most definitely an Artillery, probably a cuff. Also found a period nail and some sort of a strap buckle. I did take photos tonight, I will send them when I find the camera cord.

 ... There is a new owner, the previous owner owned the property for a long time (decades). He hunted it extensively. One of the tenants said a young man hunted it several seasons. Very tough to hunt, either lots of heavy roots or extremely soft dirt, things sink! Everything over 4 inches deep. Modern quarters 10 inches. Lots of junk, I hunted four times, first target of the first day the jacket button, 2nd trip one silver dime. Third trip nothing, I was starting to get discouraged, but today, the smaller cuff button, strap buckle and the nail. Happy day.  

Thanks for the report SW. 

There is a lesson there.  Don't give up on a site too early.

You can often rehunt an old site and find more after a good rain.

Yesterday I reported on a missing church relic.  It was found.

Here is that link.

The predictions show something like a four foot surf along the Treasure Coast for the next several days.

Happy hunting,