Friday, January 31, 2014

1/31/14 Report - Some Cuts on Treasure Coast, Gold Box Found But Precious Reliquary Missing & Pirates Camp at Fort Pierce

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Missing Reliquary.

More about this missing reliquary below.

I took a look at a couple of Treasure Coast beaches this afternoon near low tide.

The water got up pretty high.  We've been having some fairly big tides.  Nothing real big, but the water did get higher on the beach than it has for quite a while.

Here is a picture of one cut that I found.  It is just over a foot or so high.  It is recent renourishment sand, so it will be among the first to go.  It is pretty clean sand too.

Cut Beach.

Sea glass and fossils are still available with the shells.

At another beach I took a look at there was no cutting at all, but you could tell that the high tide had been up high there too.

The high tide along with the North winds was responsible for the few small cuts, which were high on the beach.

The surf web sites are predicting a high surf a week out.

You know how it is with that kind of prediction.  Usually it never happens.

Treasure Coast Beach With No Cuts

Below is a link to a great web site containing many photos of Revolutionary War and War of 1812 items.  I've posted some items that I've found in the past that match items found on this web site.  For one example, I've shown a dug 76th Foot button that matches the first button shown on the site.

There is also an item that closely resembles a whatzit that I've posted in this blog. Unfortunately it isn't named on the web site either.

Take a look.  There are a lot of interesting items to look at.

Thanks to William M. for telling me about this web site.

For those with a serious research need, here is a link to the Naval Records of the American Revolution.

A gold reliquary case and church crucifix have been found but a precious relic (See photo at top of post.) is still missing after thieves stole and then discarded the items.

That is one way that treasures can end up in unexpected places.

Pirate Camp at Riverside Park
The pirates have set up camp at Pirate Fest in Fort Pierce.  Here is one pirate's home.

When I went past a band of buccaneers was entertaining and pirates were walking around in costume although the Fest barely got started.

If you go, dress for the occasion.

There is a weapons code.

Happy hunting,