Friday, September 12, 2014

9/12/14 Report - Tropical Storm Named Edouard. TC Beach Conditions Update. Some Beach Erosion Yesterday. PI Detector Tests.

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Yesterday afternoon and evening we had some wind and rain and a lot of lightening.  The wind was coming out of the northeast long enough and strong enough that I'm sure the waves were hitting the beach from the northeast for a while.  I figured it moved a little sand but probably not much.  I wanted to take a look at the beach to see what if anything really happened, so I went out and took a look at a few beaches this morning.

Here are pictures of three beaches that I saw this morning. 

It was about half way between low and high tide as the tide was coming in.

The first beach (top picture) had an average cut of about one foot or less.

You can see the sea weed.   The cuts evidently occurred yesterday and then the wind and waves switched back.  Today they were coming in almost directly from the East.  As a result the cuts had refilled to some extent.  The cuts shown in the first picture ran for hundreds of yards. 

As you can see the second beach (shown above) was very similar. 

The third(shown below), was also cut, but the cut there was different.

There were a few coins and other targets just below the cuts. 

The sand was still pretty mushy.

The third beach was cut in a continuous line for hundreds of yards.

I would say there is some improvement in beach conditions, but not enough for me to increase my beach conditions rating.

The cut you see in the third picture was only about six inches, however around the bend it was cut up to about a foot and a half, but that was, as you might expect, in renourishment sand.

 There weren't any shell piles or anything like that at any of the beaches I saw this morning.

There can be good things in replenishment sand.  It is good to know where it came from if you can find out.  I don't know where this replenishment sand came from so I checked it out.

The third beach had a lot of very small slivers of iron.  Not a good thing when you are using a pulse detector.

You can learn to identify those small pin-like slivers by the broken double-blip signal. 

There are times and places for a pulse detector and times for a VLF detector. 

I look at detectors very much like gulf clubs.  Ideally I'd like to have a few different types with me, but I don't like to take extras in the summer when the car is so hot.

Back a week or so ago I tested three detectors on a thin gold ring on an inland site with a lot of ambient electrical interference.  The Dual Surf PI would barely detect the gold ring at any depth in that situation, while the other two detectors did much better on the ring. 

I took the ring and PI to the beach to see how the Dual Surf PI did with the same gold ring there.  It did much better on the beach with the same ring.  (I tested it in both the wet and dry sand.  The results it the wet sand seemed very slightly better.) 

Best results were obtained with the gain set slightly above the mark (recommended level) and threshold well above silent but not real loud.

Setting either the gain or threshold too high or two low resulted in not detecting the gold ring.

I used no pulse delay.

Setting either the gain or threshold farther from what appeared to be the optimal setting for a clear loud signal decreased the quality of the signal until the signal was no longer discernable.  That makes sense, but is important enough to mention.

Just goes to show once again,  the best detector for one situation might not be the best for another.   That is why I recommend doing a lot of testing so that you know how your detector will do with specific targets in different environments. 

There is a named tropical storm out in the middle of the Atlantic right now named Edouard.  It probably won't affect us much.

We're supposed to have a one to two foot surf through Tuesday.

The weather system that caused our rain yesterday is still in Florida.  Maybe we'll get some more wind and rain from it.

There is another area of disturbed weather East of Edouard over by Africa.  It will probably follow Edouard.

That's it for today.  I wanted to get this posted so you would know what happened to the Treasure Coast beaches.

Happy hunting,