Saturday, September 6, 2014

9/6/14 Report - 16th Century Cob Found on Treasure Coast. Reales, Emerald & Porcelain Found Too. Biggest Dino Ever.

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Very Early Mexico Four-Reale Found Along Treasure Coast
Photos submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez

I showed a great escudo and a very interesting cluster of artifacts yesterday.  Today you'll see that that was only the beginning.  You might consider this post to be continuation of yesterday's.

The crew of the Capitana has been busy this year.  It has been a good season.  Here are some more photos of finds sent in by Captain Jonah Martinez.

This is a very early four-reale.

You can see the denomination over the waves between the Pillars of Hercules.

You can see the legend running across the coin reading "PLUS ULTRA," meaning something like "more beyond" and referring to the New World.

Same Mexico Four-Reale
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez

Here is the other side of the same cob.

It would have been minted prior to the Great Shield era, which began in 1572.

Notice the M mint mark to the left of the shield.

In my 8/28/14 post I showed another old Pillars and Waves cob that will be auctioned by Sedick this November.  That particular eight-reale could possibly be a million dollar cob.

The coin shown today is probably just a bit later.

Below is a real handful of treasure.   Looks like about sixteen or seventeen reales and a piece of K'hang Hsi porcelain.  It is spelled in a variety of ways.

You can occasionally find pieces of the K'hang Hsi porcelain on the beach.

Handfull of Treasure
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez.

I've talked about Kang Hsi porcelain in this blog a few times, for example in my 12/29/13 post.

You can use the blog search box to find specific topics by keyword.

There was a fellow who found a entire stack of plates that were uncovered by a storm.  He didn't know what they were.  When he found out that they could have been K'hang Hsi porcelain from a sunken galleon, he returned to find them, but never did.   They could have been worth a fortune.

It helps if you read a lot so you know what to look for.

The variety of cobs you see here ranges from small half reales on up.

If you look close you can see details on a few.  Those look a lot like what you can find on some of our shipwreck beaches when the conditions are right.

An Emerald Found On The Treasure Coast
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez.

Here is one more thing to keep your eyes open for when walking down the beach.

There are treasures that aren't made of metal.
This emerald is one more example.  You have to use your eyes to find these.

Well, you've seen a good sample of the kinds of treasures that are still out there waiting to be found.  And things like this will be found from time to time, occasionally showing up on the beaches.

Thanks to the Captain for letting us see all of these.  Keep it up guys.

The remains of the largest land mammal has been discovered.  They think it would have weighed something like 65 tons, about what a Boeing 767 weighs.

Here is a link to that very good article.

We still have a small surf on the Treasure Coast, but there are two disturbances to watch.  One is over North Florida and one is just coming off of Africa.

I'll have more new information on how coins and rings sink on a beach soon.  I made a little video of another experiment which shows what causes things to sink quickly.

Happy hunting,