Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/24/14 Report - Reading Trash- Example. Rare Gold Coins Great Investment. Broken Gold Diamond Ring Found. High Value Artifacts.

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I posted a new poll on the blog.  The responses will help give us a good idea of what people have been doing during this summer of predominantly poor conditions.

I took a look at the beach this morning.  You can see the two pictures here.

It was near high tide.  The waves were crashing over what at low tide would be the wet sand area.

Sand has been building on this beach for a couple of weeks.

That has been the case on many Treasure Coast beaches.

You can see the sea weed - almost always a bad sign.

People talk about reading the beach, and I do that as much as anyone, but nobody seems to talk about reading the trash.

Trash can tell you a lot.  If you are finding pieces of aluminum, for example, that can be an important sign telling you to look elsewhere for objects made of more dense materials.

The trash on this particular beach is interesting.   In the middle of the beach near the main life guard tower, there is only foil.  South and north of there, there are also bottle caps and pull tabs.

In this case it is obvious that the middle of the beach is heavily hunted and both pull tabs and bottle caps are picked up by detectorists.   The north and south ends are not detected as thoroughly though.  That is useful information.

A study of 2013 investments showed that high-end rare gold coins performed better than most any other type of investment.   High-end rare coins performed much better than more common and lower quality gold coins.

Here is the link.

A prehistoric blade that sold for 276,000 dollars at auction this year was only one of many Native American artifacts that sold for very high prices.

Here are some others.

Did you notice the discoidals that sold for over $30,000?   I know of a couple discoidals that were found by shell collectors on Treasure Coast beaches in recent years.

Broken Diamond Ring Found on TC Beach.

Here is a broken diamond ring that was found on a Treasure Coast beach.

It is more common to find gold rings that have a thin break in the band.  This band is broke about in half.

It appears to be a vintage ring.  Notice the setting and diamond cut.

A ring with a break in it will produce a much less loud signal than an unbroken ring.

This one produced a small signal, of course.  It is not a heavy band to begin with.

The surf was only about two feet this morning.  It looked like more, but that is because it was breaking right at the base of the beach.  The period was short too - about 4 seconds.

I discussed the importance of the wave periods a day or two ago.

There is nothing at all in the way of tropical storms out there right now.  

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