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9/28/14 Report - Closer View Of Inland Finds. Formation of the Continental Marines. Recruitment Poster.

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Couple More Finds From William M.
Photo by William.
I didn't show all of William M's finds the other day.  Here are close ups of some that I think are particularly nice.

The locket with picture is especially nice.  That probably had a lot of sentimental value to someone.  William said it looked like a photo.  Wouldn't it be nice to find out who it is or who it belonged to?

Those are a couple of very nice finds from an inland site.

Below is another very nice relic found by William.  That is the kind of thing any relic hunter would like to find.

Thanks for sharing William!

Nie Relic Found By William.
Photo by William.

The summer issue of the Sons of the American Revolution Magazine had an interesting article about the origin of the US Marines. 

The Continental Marines was formed in 1775 by resolution of the Continental Congress.

 Here are excerpts from a recruitment poster that was hung in a tavern.  

What a Brilliant Prospect does this Event Present to every Lad of Spirit who is inclined to try his Fortune in this highly renowned Corps.  The Continental Marines.
When every thing that swims the Seas must be a PRIZE!

Thousands are at this moment endeavoring to get on Board Privateers where they will serve without pay or reward of any kind whatsoever, so certain does their chance appear of enriching themselves by PRIZE MONEY!  What enviable Station then must the CONTINENTAL MARINE hold, - who with far superior advantages to these, has the additional benefit of liberal Pay, and plenty of the best Provisions, with a good and well appointed Ship under him, the Pride and Glory of the Continental  Navy; surely every Man of Spirit must blush to remain at Home in Inactivity and Indolence when his Country needs his Assistance.


YOU WILL RECEIVE Seventeen Dollars  Bounty.  And on your Arrival at Head Quarters be comfortably and genteely CLOTHED.  And Spirited young BOYS, of a promising Appearance, who are Five Feet Six Inches High, will receive TEN DOLARS and equal Advantage of PROVISIONS and Clothing with the Men. 


The Daily Allowance of a Marine when embarked is One Pond of BEEF or PORK.  One Pound of BREAD, Flour, Raisins, Butter, Cheese, Oatmeal, Molasses, Tea, Sugar, etc. etc.  And a Pint of the best Wine, or half a Pint of the Best RUM or BRANDY, togehter with a pint of LEMONADE.  ...

Anyone bringing a recruit to Tun Tavern was promised three dollars.  More information could also be obtained at the tavern.

The capitalization is as it appeared on the original poster.  It appears strange to us.

Here is a trivia question.  Where was the first amphibious landing of the Continental Marines on foreign soil?   Hint: it occurred in 1776.

We sure are having a lot of rain. 

The surf on the Treasure Coast is around 2 - 3 feet.  It will be about that on Monday and then decrease just a touch for a couple of days.

There is nothing in the Atlantic that will affect the Treasure Coast beaches significantly.

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