Monday, September 15, 2014

9/15/14 Report - Treasure Hunter Last Seen in Vero Being Sought By Feds. Edouard Heads North. Solar Storms. Hurricane Hits Cabo. Nice Calm Ocean.

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Predicted Track of Edouard.
If you noticed more noise in your ear phones than normal lately it could be from the combined effects of two solar storms that hit the earth Saturday.

I have been noticing more noise for at least a couple of weeks now.  I don't know if it is because of the solar storms or not.

Up North the  aurora borealis was brilliant.  (If you've never seen that, it is something to see.)

The following CNN article says, Solar storms can knock out power, interfere with GPS and radio communications -- including those on commercial airliners -- and damage satellites.

Here is the link.

There are places on some beaches where your detector will normally chatter a lot as the result of radio or other electromagnetic interference.  Sometimes it seems to be coming from a particular building or radio tower.   Some of those places I've noticed causing detector noise for decades.

There was a guy that told me he thought his detector worked best on the beach front when he swung the coil parallel to the beach.  He thought it was because of the earth's magnetic field.  It is much more likely that he did better when swinging the coil north to south because the water creates salt lines and sand ripples that run along the beach.  

It wasn't long ago that I posted links to reports published by Odyssey Marine Explorations describing the salvage of the SS Central America.  It appears that the fellow that originally salvaged that wreck has disappeared.  He was last seen at a mansion in Vero Beach, but the feds don't know where he is now.  He took off with millions of dollars of gold coins and treasure and evidently didn't pay his investors.  It reads like a made-for-TV story.  Very interesting read!

Thanks to James H. for sending me that link!

This morning the water was calm along the Treasure Coast.  Very pleasant weather!  Visibility in the water was very good.

Here is one local beach near low tide this morning.   Notice the sand bar that formed on the front of the beach.

A few coins were found along the dip.    Nothing in the middle of the bar, as you would expect.

At another beach with a similar bar on the front of the beach, objects were found in the shallow water.  They were mostly recent drops, but did not seem to be sinking rapidly.  The currents there were very gentle, and that is also where the sand that made the bar was coming from.

I always like a beach with some features.   The features help you to see how things are shaping up and that will give you a good idea about where to spend your detecting time.

Some of my finds this morning were obviously very recent drops, while others appeared to have been out there a little longer. 

Take a good look at objects to try to determine how long they might have been there.   That type of information can be a big help.  

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