Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1/14/14 Report - 2014 Gold Finds. 2015 Buckle Find. 18th Century U.S. Penny Sells For $2.35 Million. North Wind For Few Days.

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Gold 2014 Finds By Michael E.
Photo by Michael E.
Michael E. sure made some nice finds in 2014.  Congratulations Michael!

I showed some of Michael's nice old coin finds not long ago.

Below is a 2015 find by Dan B., who is getting the year off to a nice start.

Buckle Find by Dan B.
Photo by Dan B.

Dan is in the process of cleaning this up and looking for any possible identifying marks.

If you can help him with an ID, let me know.


After decreasing in price for about three years, it seems gold and silver prices are taking a break.  The last three or four days showed nice increases.


1793 Penny Sold For $2.35 Million.

This 1793 penny sold for $2.35 million dollars at a Heritage auction in Florida on January 7.


Below is the source link for the story and picture.


Looking out the window today, it looks like it might be a good beach day on the Treasure Coast, but don't get excited.  We do have a north wind now and will have one for a few days.  That part is good, however the surf isn't supposed to be more than about four feet. 

Seems like things just won't come together.   They will some day.  It could change quickly.

If you need something to get you motivated, take a look at the pictures above.

I'll be doing some testing on a new high-end detector in a few days.

Happy hunting,