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1/3/15 Report - Shipwreck Finds From Dredged Renourishment Sand. Thousand-Year-Old Coins Found Worth Near $1.5 Million.

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Copper Religious Medallion
Find and photo by William B.
Yesterday I wrote about dredging and renourishment projects.  I mentioned that sometimes old items end up on the beach in the new sand.  It wasn't long ago that I showed you one of those finds. 

William B. sent photos of these three very nice examples that he found in beach renourishment sand.

He said, I found these 3 artifacts on South Florida beaches either during or shortly after beach renourishment projects. The sand was being dredged from directly offshore of the beaches, not trucked in as they do on other beaches. All three artifacts were found on different beaches within a 3 mile stretch of coast.  

Napoleon’s 7th infantry Button
Find and photo by William B.
The copper religious medallion was found right in from a wreck that went down in the 1800’s. I believe it was Cuban. You can see an angel standing over a child. 

The button is from Napoleon’s 7th infantry. The brass key is about 3 inches long and was bent when I found it. You can see the marks on the shaft from the vice grips that I used to straighten it. 

It wasn’t until 4 years after finding it that it dawned on me that the key was probably in the lockbox when the ship went down, and the box slammed into something causing the bend in the key. It took a lot of force to straighten it.

Nice Old Key.
Find and photo by William B.
All of the artifacts were found after rough seas, but there was still plenty of new sand on the beach.

Of course this is all speculation, but finding 3 very old artifacts in front of an offshore dredging operation seems to be more than just coincidence, if you ask me.  
HH. William B.

Thanks much William.  Great finds! 

Yesterday I also mentioned the tons of junk that was in the Fort Pierce South Inlet renourishment sand.  Dan B. wrote and mentioned all of the aluminum junk in the renourishment up by the Sebastian Inlet, something that I'm sure many of you have noticed.

Near Amber Sands Beach access there was also a lot of aluminum in the renourisment sand, but also silver US coins.

It can help to know where the renourishment sand is coming from. 


Detectorists participating in a group hunt found over 5000 ancient worth over $1.5 million in a farm field.  The coins were in near mint condition and dated back over a thousand years.

Here is the link.


I've received several different ideas about the round mystery object that I posted not long ago.  Some time soon I'll post the ideas that have been submitted.  Thanks to all who submitted their thoughts.  Its not too late to submit yours.


 If you are an experienced diver who knows how to use a detector and will be available for treasure diving during the upcoming season, send me an email telling me what you have done.   I'm not promising ANYTHING, but might be able to forward your information where it MIGHT be considered.


On the Treasure Coast we'll be having a couple of days of two-foot surf. Swells will be coming from the south.

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