Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1/6/15 Report - Two-Million-Dollar Gold Coin. FUN Convention in Orlando. Florida State Museum Treasure Exhibit.

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Two-Million Dollar Gold Coin.

Bidding starts Wednesday night at the Orlando Convention Center for this 1907 twenty-dollar gold coin expected to sell for near 2 million dollars.  Bids of well over one million have already been offered.

This high relief gold piece is said to be the most beautiful coin ever.

Below is a link to a video about that.


Don't forget the FUN convention in Orlando January 8 through January 11.   Among the many highlights will be the Florida State Museum Treasure Exhibit.  According to the FUN web sites, many of treasure items from the museum have not been "... on pubic display for decades, and may never be again!"  That sounds like a great opportunity to see items that have been found on our public lands and kept at public expense, yet are hidden away for the benefit of a few.  Many of the items are from the 1715 Fleet on display in celebration of the 300th Anniversary.

This is a huge convention and it is only a couple hours away.

Here is a link for more information.


Russ P. reminded me that the convention is this weekend.  Thanks Russ.

I previously mentioned a big hoard find that I couldn't previously tell you about.  I'll be able to post the details on that soon.

Concerning the mystery item I've been discussing, one more person thought it might be a "paint pot."  Two people thought it might be an aerator for a bait bucket.

While the size and shape seem right for an aerator, I don't know why an aerator wouldn't be made of plastic or some material that could be easily manufactured for less than a penny and would be much less fragile unless it was older and hand made.

Yesterday morning, I think just before noon, the wind picked up and was coming out of the North.

The Treasure Coast surf is predicted to be about three feet on Tuesday, a little less on Wednesday and then a bump up to near five feet on Thursday.   The wind is supposed to stay mostly out of the North during that period.

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