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1/23/14 Report - Six Pound California Gold Nugget For Sale. New Sedwick Blog.

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Six Pound California Gold Nugget

A six pound gold nugget found in Northern California is up for sale.  The nugget is expected to bring around $450,000.

The photo shown here was published in Kovels Komments but original source of the photo is uncertain.

Below is the link to an article about the nugget.


In 2008 I started this blog.  Over the years it has changed, as have I.  The hobby has changed too, of course.

New detectors have come to market.  New finds have been made.  And we all got a little older and hopefully wiser.

Since I began this blog a variety of other blogs have been started.  Many started and ended almost as quickly.  

Some of the ideas that I expressed in the early years now show up everywhere and some of those new ideas have become common knowledge. 

It is hard to trace the dissemination and evolution of knowledge, and I can't prove it, but I'm pretty certain that I've made a contribution.

Pulling out just one example, back around 2008 it used to be near universal practice to post finds along with a coin for size comparison.  I used to receive comments reminding me to do that.  Now, however, it seems to me to be nearly as common to see finds displayed on a hand or finger.  Notice the picture of the nugget above. 

Can I attribute that change to this blog?  Not entirely. 

Another thing that has happened during the same time is the proliferation of "selfies."  I would call that a cultural thing.  It happened as trends in technology and society collided.  The younger generation, which seems to me to be very self-centered, are obsessed with social media. 

Picturing an object in your own hand could be seen as an off-shoot of the selfie obsession or as the result of technology change, or a combination of both.

On the technology side, people have digital cameras, iPhones, etc. that make good close-up photos.

Some commercial sites tried to post articles or create blogs to draw attention to their commercial activities.  Many of those have not been successful and quickly died.  They found out how difficult it is to continually produce new posts with new information.  It isn't easy.

One new blog associated with a commercial site that I'll point out today is a new blog by Sedwick Coins.  They have knowledge and they have something to say.  I expect them to present a series of quality articles.

The first post I saw from their new blog is entitled Assayer P Coins Minted Under Charles and Joanna From The Mexico City Mint.  You might have read some of the Sedwick articles before, but I expect their blog posts to include some fresh information. 

That blog might be a little specialized for the average detectorist, but I am sure it will be very interesting to those who study or collect cobs. The posts will undoubtedly authoritative.

Concerning the subject of the first post that I saw in the new Sedwick blog, and as you might already know, cobs produced during the reign of Charles and Joanna were the earliest produced in the New World. 

Here is the link for that blog and post.

I'll see how frequently they post new articles and keep you up on the topics, and if it goes well, I'll list the blog in my reference link list.


Tomorrow (Saturday) morning we'll have another cold front come through the Treasure Coast.  Expect a little rain in the morning.

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